Think and Grow Rich E-Book Download (by Napoleon Hill)

At the time, Napoleon Hill, a young special investigator for a well-known business publication, was assigned to interview Andrew Carnegie. During that talk, Carnegie made a subtle reference to a certain master power he used—a mystical law of the human mind, a little-known psychological idea of extraordinary strength. Carnegie offered to Hill that he base his concept of all personal accomplishment on that principle, regardless of whether it was measured in terms of money, power, position, prestige, influence, or the accumulation of wealth. That part of the interview was never published in Hill’s magazine, but it started the young author on a twenty-year research journey. Think and Grow Rich is the culmination of Hill’s studies of over 500 self-made millionaires. It is a succinct, intelligible articulation of his Law of Success philosophy, which includes thirteen steps to prosperity (financial, emotional, and spiritual).

To achieve any objective, you must have a strong passion for it, as well as the conviction that you will succeed, backed up by a clear sense of purpose. Auto-suggestion is the use of self-directed communication and self-administered stimuli to channel thoughts from the conscious mind to the seat of the subconscious. If you lack specific information required to create your business or achieve your goals, you may enhance your own knowledge by joining a “Master Mind” group.

What you will learn from this Book?

  • Desire: The Foundation of All Achievement
  • Faith is the image and belief that one’s wishes will be realized.
  • Auto-suggestion: A Tool for Subconscious Mind Influence
  • Specialized Information: Personal Observations or Experiences
  • Imagination: The Mind’s Workshop Organized Planning: The Transformation of Desire into Action
  • Decision: Procrastination Mastery
  • Persistence: The Consistent Effort Necessary to Instill Faith
  • The Master Mind’s Power: The Motivating Force
  • The Sex Transmutation Mysteries
  • The Subconscious Mind: The Tie That Binds
  • The Brain: A Station for Thought Broadcasting and Receiving
  • The Sixth Sense: The Entrance to the Temple of Wisdom
  • How to Outwit the Six Fearful Ghosts

Final Review

This book is a best-seller for a reason: it clearly describes some simple concepts and approaches for achieving financial success. The theories are straightforward and well-explained. Adopting the correct mindset and establishing practical preparations are two methods of achieving your goals. You should also surround yourself with the ideal individuals to assist raise morale and motivation.

The concepts are straightforward, and how you use them will be decided by your individual goals. This book, on the other hand, offers fantastic advice for anyone with big aspirations.

Think and Grow Rich E-Book Download (by Napoleon Hill)


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