Top 100 Pagemaker Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

Adobe PageMaker is another landmark project of Adobe. It is a Desk Top Publishing software. It is a type of graphic designing software. With the company of Photoshop and CorelDraw PageMaker, it completes the package for publishing books, magazines, etc.  It consists of all the tools for formatting the documents.

Adobe PageMaker Versions

Aldus PageMaker 1.0  –           1985

Aldus PageMaker 1.2  –           1986

Aldus PageMaker 2.0  –           1987

Aldus PageMaker 3.0  –           1988

Aldus PageMaker 4.0  –           1990

Aldus PageMaker 5.0  –           1993

Adobe PageMaker 6.0 –           1995

Adobe PageMaker 6.5-           1996

Adobe PageMaker 7.0-           2001

Adobe PageMaker Tips and Tricks

  • To add lines to the table, select the data using Ctrl + A (Select All), and Click Ctrl + M, by pressing this key you get a dialog box of “Paragraph Specification”. Click on the Rules button. Click on the check box Rule Below Paragraph, and select the type of line you wish to select for the table. By clicking on the Ok button you will find the lines in the paragraph.
  • The pointer tool is used to select the object in the file and move the object. To select the multiple objects, press the right key of the mouse and move on to the objects on the page. All the objects will get selected. You can select the object from the pointer tool and by clicking the delete key you can delete the object or text.
  • To write the text in PageMaker just click on the Text tool and create a text box.
  • With a rotating tool, you can rotate the text, objects, and images.
  • With a cropping tool, you can minimize the size of the image to the required size.
  • There are various line tools available in PageMaker. You can draw a diagonal line, or straight line, apart from this you can also draw rectangle boxes, square boxes, circles, polygons, and other shapes.
  • You can insert images and text in various shapes.
  • While writing text in the PageMaker you can also change the color of the text not just that you can give multi colors to the text. Apart from this, you can give several effects to the text also. 3D and 2D effects can be applied to the text.

PageMaker is a very useful tool. If you are looking for a career in graphic designing, and desktop publishing you must know about PageMaker. The combined knowledge of PageMaker, CorelDraw, and PhotoShop can bring your career to new heights. A better career in this field requires creative skills.

Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys List

1.Tool Palette Pagemaker Shortcut Keys:

SHIFT + F2 Rotation tool
SHIFT + F3 Line tool
SHIFT + F4 Rectangle tool
SHIFT + F5 Ellipse tool
SHIFT + F6 Polygon tool
SHIFT + F7 Hand tool
SHIFT + ALT + F1 Text tool
SHIFT + ALT + F2 Cropping tool
SHIFT + ALT + F3 Constrained line tool
SHIFT + ALT + F4 Rectangle frame tool
SHIFT + ALT + F5 Ellipse frame tool
SHIFT + ALT + F6 Polygon frame tool
SHIFT + ALT + F7 Zoom tool

2. File Menu Pagemaker Shortcut Keys:

CTRL + N New
CTRL + O Open
CTRL + W Close
CTRL + S Save
SHIFT + CTRL + S Save as
CTRL + D Place
SHIFT + CTRL + D Links
CTRL + P Print
SHIFT + CTRL + P Document setup
CTRL + K General Preferences
CTRL + Q Quit PageMaker

3. Edit Menu Pagemaker Shortcut Keys :

CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
DEL Clear
CTRL + A Select all
SHIFT + CTRL + A Deselect all
CTRL + E Edit Story / Edit Layout
CTRL + W Close Story (Story View)

4. Layout Menu Pagemaker Shortcut Keys:

ALT + CTRL + G Go to Page
PAGE UP Move to Previous Page
PAGE DOWN Move to Next Page

5. Type Menu Pagemaker Shortcut Keys:

CTRL + SHIFT + I Italic
CTRL + SHIFT + U Underline
CTRL + SHIFT + K All Caps
CTRL + SHIFT + / Strike Through
CTRL + SHIFT + Super Script
CTRL + Sub Script
CTRL + SHIFT + V Reverse
CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR Normal formatting
CTRL + SHIFT + X Normal width
ALT + SHIFT + A Auto Leading
CTRL + SHIFT + Q Expert Tracking (No track)
CTRL + SHIFT + X Horizontal Scale (Normal)
CTRL + T Character
CTRL + M Paragraph
CTRL + I Indent Tabs

6. Alignments Menu Pagemaker Shortcut Keys:

CTRL + SHIFT + L Align left
CTRL + SHIFT + C Align Center
CTRL + SHIFT + R Align Right
CTRL + SHIFT + J Justify
CTRL + SHIFT + F Force Justify
CTRL + 3 Define Styles
CTRL + U Fill & Stroke

7. Frame Menu Pagemaker Shortcut Keys:

CTRL + U Attach Content
ALT + CTRL + F Frame Option
SHIFT + ALT + CTRL + F Change to Frame
ALT + CTRL + ] Next Frame
ALT + CTRL + [ Previous Frame

8. Arrange Menu Pagemaker Shortcut Keys:

SHIFT + CTRL + ] Bring to Front
CTRL + ] Bring Forward
CTRL + [ Send Backward
SHIFT + CTRL + [ Send to Back
SHIFT + CTRL + E Align Objects
ALT + CTRL + E Text Warp
CTRL + G Group
SHIFT + CTRL + G Ungroup
CTRL + L Lock Position
ALT + CTRL + L Un Lock
CTRL + 6 Mask
SHIFT + CTRL + 6 Un Mask

9.Utility Menu Pagemaker Shortcut Keys :

CTRL + F Find
CTRL + G Find Next
CTRL + H Change
CTRL + L Check Spelling (Story View)
CTRL + Y Index Entry
CTRL + SHIFT + Y Fast Index Entry
CTRL + + Zoom in
CTRL + – Zoom out
CTRL + 0 Fit page in window
CTRL + SHIFT + 0 Entire pasteboard

10. Zoom To Pagemaker Shortcut Keys:

CTRL + 5 50%
CTRL + 7 75%
CTRL + 1 100% (Actual size)
CTRL + 2 200%
CTRL + 4 400%
CTRL-SHIFT -F12 Redraw current page at high resolution
CTRL-ALT-N Display non-printing items
F10 Preview hyperlinks
CTRL + R Rulers on/off
CTRL + ALT + R Snap to rulers on/off
CTRL + ; Show/Hide guides
CTRL+ SHIFT + ; Snap to guides on/off
CTRL + ALT + ; Lock guides

11. User Interface Pagemaker Shortcut Keys:

TAB Display/hide all palettes
SHIFT + TAB Display/hide all palettes except tools
CTRL + ‘ Display/hide control palette
CTRL + J Display/hide colors palette
CTRL + B Display/hide style palette
CTRL + 3 Define styles
CTRL+ SHIFT + 8 Display/hide master pages palette
CTRL + 8 Display/hide layers palette
CTRL + 9 Display/hide hyperlinks palette

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