Top 100 Google Sheets Shortcuts Keys (Excel-PDF)

Google Sheet is an online free program from Google that you can use anywhere. You just need an email id of Google and an internet connection. If you are using the chrome browser you can work on Google Sheets offline also. You can use it on your cell phone as well as on your computer as well. Doesn’t matter which operating system you use, and neither does the bowser matter.  Google Sheets is part of Google Workspace. The Google Workspace consists of various tools similar to word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. There is one more powerful tool that is Google ForMicrosoft available for users too.

1 Difference between Google Sheets and Microsoft-Excel

Google Sheets Excel
Payment It’s a free application It’s a paid package
Collaboration It is possible It’s difficult to collaborate with plug-ins of other applications
Statistics Manually In-built functions
Auto saving Possible Manual saving of a file
Charts Create automatically Create Manually
Sharing Very easy Via email only
Multi-users Multiple users can work on the same Sheet at one time Not possible


2 How Google Sheet is ahead of excel


1 It’s online and free

The best part of an online Google Sheet is that you can share your work with as many people as possible. And all people can work on the same Sheet together.

2 Security

You can even restrict the area for the people in the Sheet where they can edit the data.

3 Translation

Google Sheets give you the online formula by which you can translate the text entered in the cell into any of the preferred languages.

4 Concatenate

To split two texts in a cell in excel we youse concatenate function in excel is tuff to use and lengthy as well. But in GoogleSheets splitting text is easy. You need to just select the text and space and with just one click you can split the text.

5 Version History

If you are making changes in the file excel and you want to check what changes I have made 10 days ago it is impossible to see. Bu the version history option of Google Sheets let you see those changes.

6 Inserting images

Inserting images and formatting as per requirement are very easy in Google Sheets in comparison to Microsoft excel

7 Calander

You can open the calendar in any cell of Google Sheets. That is not possible in excel.

8 Scrolling Table

You can create a scrolling table in Google Sheets by selecting an option in the chart option. Microsoft-excel doesn’t give this facility.

9 Removing whitespace in a single click

To remove whitespaces we use the trim function in another column. But in Google Sheets, to do this you need to select the range, go to the Data tab, and you will get the option of trimming white spaces. You just need to click it and your work will be done.

10 Smart Check box

In a Google Sheet, select the range, go in the insert tab you will get the option of check box option just click it. By clicking or unclicking the check box you will get the cell value “True” or “False” in the check box cell only.

The Google sheet shortcut is most commonly used when you are working in Google Spreadsheet. In a simple word, Google Sheets is known as the online version of Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets is one of the programs in the G-Suite device. Google Spreadsheet includes many of the same functions and formulas as Microsoft Excel. Therefore, dealing with all these functions with a mouse is quite a difficult task. And so Google Sheet shortcuts come to the rescue. Below are the various shortcuts for Google Sheets that will help you work with Google Sheets effectively. You can download these Google Sheets Shortcut PDFs below.


Google Sheets Shortcuts Keys List


1.Number Formatting:

Ctrl + Shift + 1 Apply number format
Ctrl + Shift + 2 Apply time format
Ctrl + Shift + 3 Apply Date format
Ctrl + Shift + 4 Apply currency format
Ctrl + Shift + 5 Apply percentage format
Ctrl + Shift + 6 Apply exponent format

2.Entering Data:

Tab Move right
Shift + Tab Move left
Ctrl + Enter Enter the same data in multiple cells
Ctrl + D Fill down from above cell
Ctrl + R Fill right from cell left
Ctrl + K Add hyperlink
Ctrl + Shift + ; Insert current time
Ctrl + ; Insert current date
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ; Insert current date and time

3.Selection Shortcuts:

Shift + Space Select entire row
Ctrl + Space Select entire column
Ctrl + A Select entire google sheet
Ctrl + Shift + Space Select entire google sheet
Shift + Click Add adjacent cells to selection
Ctrl + Click Add non-adjacent cells to selection
Ctrl + Backspace Scroll to the active cell

4.Extend Selection Shortcuts:

Shift + → Extend selection by one cell right
Shift + ← Extend selection by one cell left
Shift + ↑ Extend selection by one cell up
Shift + ↓ Extend selection by one cell down
Ctrl + Shift + → Extend the selection to the last cell right
Ctrl + Shift + ← Extend the selection to the last cell left
Ctrl + Shift + ↑ Extend the selection to the last cell up
Ctrl + Shift + ↓ Extend the selection to the last cell down
Shift + PageUp Extend selection up one screen
Shift + PageDown Extend selection down one screen
Alt + Shift + PageDown Extend selection right one screen
Alt + Shift + PageUp Extend selection left one screen


Move one cell right
Move one cell left
Move one cell up
Move one cell down
Alt + PageDown Move one screen right
Alt + PageUp Move one screen left
PageUp Move one screen up
PageDown Move one screen down
Ctrl + → Move to right edge of data region
Ctrl + ← Move to left edge of data region
Ctrl + ↑ Move to top edge of data region
Ctrl + ↓ Move to bottom edge of data region
Home Move to beginning of row
Ctrl + Home Move to the beginning of sheet
End Move to end of row
Ctrl + End Move to end of sheet

6. Google Sheets Shortcuts:

Shortcut Keys Action
Ctrl + O Open options
Ctrl + Z Undo last action
Ctrl + Y Redo last action
Ctrl + C Copy selected cells
Ctrl + Shift + Z or F4 Repeat last action
Ctrl + X Cut selected cells
Ctrl + V Paste content from clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + V Display paste special dialog box
Ctrl + F Display Find option
Ctrl + H Display Find & Replace
Ctrl + S Save[by default save in Drive]
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + / Show common keyboard shortcuts
Shift + F11 Insert new sheet
Borders Shortcuts
Alt + Shift + 7 Apply border outline
Alt + Shift + 1 Add border top
Alt + Shift + 2 Add border right
Alt + Shift + 3 Add border bottom
Alt + Shift + 4 Add border left
Alt + Shift + 6 Remove borders
Formatting Shortcuts
Ctrl + B Apply bold formatting
Ctrl + I Apply italic formatting
Ctrl + U Apply underline formatting
Alt + Shift + 5 Apply strikethrough formatting
Ctrl + Shift + E Align center
Ctrl + Shift + I Align left
Ctrl + Shift + R Align right
Ctrl + \ Clear formatting

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