Top 100 Zoom Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

Zoom is a video-conferencing application and software. It’s a cloud meeting platform. One can use it on Android, or Mac cell phone and at the same time on Windows, or Mac-based Laptop the computer. The software attracted the consideration of users during the pandemic of Covid-19. As it gave the solution for online classes and meeting for the employees doing work from home. As it gives a solution to conduct the online meeting from the different remote locations with Video conferencing. While pandemic zoom was the most downloaded app in comparison to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It was downloaded more than 100 million times from the google play store. In the free version of zoom 100 individuals can conduct a meeting at once for 45 minutes. Zoom gives the features of sharing the screen of a Laptop or cell phone.

Let us see the process of using zoom-

  • Download the application of zoom from google or IOS. If you are using a computer, go to the website of zoom or follow this link-
  • Sign in to the application or software.
  • Click on the option of “Schedule Meeting”
  • Choose the Date and Time
  • Change the other personal setting if required.
  • Click on Save
  • Now you can share the link to the meeting on WhatsApp or via email.

Zoom gives you the benefit to control the meeting. You can mute the participants and you can allow the participants as well. While locking the meeting, new participants will not be allowed to enter the meeting. The participants can raise their hands if they are muted and want to speak anything. You as the creator of the meeting can allow an individual to speak. The creator also gets the tools like- a whiteboard, virtual background, room polling, waiting room, etc.

The waiting room is a very good facility for the zoom platform. This is beneficial for the interviews, and one-to-one examination. With the help of the waiting room, the privacy of the meeting gets increased. It restricts the unnecessary individuals to enter the meeting.

To manage the participants in the meeting zoom gives the benefit to give admin rights to the various participants. This helps to manage a meeting where there are multiple participants.

This article will teach you some zoom shortcut keys that will allow you to quickly manage your meetings, change the layout, or toggle a portion of the interface on and off with just a few key presses. These shortcut keys will help you become a Zoom expert! You can also download these shortcuts for future use.


Zoom Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Mac And Windows

Zoom Shortcut Keys for Window PC

1.Control your audio and video:

 Start/stop video Alt + V
 Mute/unmute audio Alt + A
 Mute/unmute audio for everyone except the host Alt + M
 Launch share screen window and stop screen share Alt + S
 Start/stop new screen share Alt + Shift + S
 Pause or resume screen share Alt + T

2.Recording the meeting:

 Start/stop local recording Alt + R
 Start/stop cloud recording Alt + C
 Pause or resume recording Alt + P
 Switch camera Alt + N
 Screenshot Alt + Shift + T

3.Control your view:

 Navigate among Zoom pop-up windows F6
 Move focus to Zoom’s meeting controls Ctrl + Alt + Shift
 View previous 25 videostream in gallery view PageUp
 View next 25 videostream in gallery view PageDown
 Switch to active speaker view in video meeting Alt + F1
 Switch to gallery video view in video meeting Alt + F2
 Close the current window Alt + F4
 Enter or exit full-screen Alt + F
 Display/hide in-meeting chat panel Alt + H
 Display/hide participants panel Alt + U
 Open invite window Alt + I
 Switch to portrait/landscape view Alt +L
 Search Ctrl + F
 Move to the next tab Ctrl + Tab
 Move to the previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
 Show/hide floating meeting controls Ctrl + Alt + Shift+H

4.Communicate with others:

 Raise/lower hand Alt + Y
 Gain remote control Alt + Shift + R
 Stop remote control Alt + Shift + G
 Close current chat session Ctrl + W
 Go to the previous chat Ctrl + Up
 Go to the next chat Ctrl + Down
 Jump to chat with someone Ctrl + T

5.Control your audio and video:

 Start/stop video Alt + V
 Mute/unmute my audio Alt + A
 Mute/unmute audio for everyone except the host Alt + M
 Start/stop screen sharing Alt + S
 Pause/resume screen sharing Alt + T
 Switch camera Alt + N

6.Recording the meeting:

 Start/stop local recording Alt + R
 Start/stop cloud recording Alt + C
 Pause/resume recording Alt + P
 Screenshot Alt + Shift + T

7.Control your view:

 Switch from one tab to the next Ctrl + Tab
 Toggle the “Always show meeting controls” option Alt
 Enter/exit full-screen mode Esc
 Show/hide participants panel Alt + U
 Open the invite window Alt + I

8.Communicate with others:

 Raise/lower hand Alt +Y
 Begin remote control Alt + Shift + R
 Revoke remote control permission Alt + Shift + G
 Close current chat session Ctrl + W

Zoom Keyboard Shortcut Keys For MAC PC

1.Getting started with your meeting:

 Join meeting Command + J
 Start meeting Command + Control + V
 Schedule a meeting Command + J
 Screen share via direct share Command + Control + S
 Prompt to end or leave the meeting Command + W

2.Control your audio and video:

 Mute/unmute audio Command + Shift + A
 Mute audio for everyone except the host Command + Control + M
 Unmute audio for everyone except the host Command + Control + U
 Push to talk Space
 Start/stop video Command + Shift + V
 Switch camera Command + Shift + N
 Start/stop screen share Command + Shift + S
 Pause or resume screen share Command + Shift + T

3.Recording the meeting:

 Start local recording Command + Shift + R
 Start cloud recording Command + Shift + C
 Pause or resume recording Command + Shift + P
 Screenshot Command + T

4.Control your view:

 Switch to active speaker view or gallery view Command + Shift + W
 View previous 25 participants in gallery view Control + P
 View next 25 participants in gallery view Control + N
 Display/hide participants panel Command + U
 Show/hide in-meeting chat panel Command + Shift + H
 Open invite window Command + I
 Close the current window Command + W
 Switch to portrait or landscape view Command + L
 Switch from one tab to the next Ctrl + T
 Enter or exit full-screen Command + Shift + F
 Switch to minimal window Command + Shift + M
 Show/hide meeting controls Ctrl + Option + Command + H

5.Communicate with others:

 Raise hand/lower hand Option + Y
 Gain remote control Ctrl + Shift + R
 Stop remote control Ctrl + Shift + G
 Jump to chat with someone Command + K

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