Top 20 YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Keys (Excel-PDF)

YouTube is a video-sharing website. It refers to the platform where you can share videos with specific people or with the public. You can search for videos, upload videos, and you can share the videos. YouTube was launched in the year 2005, 80 crore users use YouTube every day. 72 hours of content are uploaded every minute. 25% of content gets uploaded via mobile. YouTube was acquired by Google in the year 2006.

Over the last few decades, social media platforms are very active and YouTube has become a prominent platform to connect with users. Now a day, news channels, Movie production houses, etc. all have their presence on YouTube. Apart from that various individuals are making content on YouTube and earning through the commercialization of their content.

There are several features of YouTube

YouTube Search

There is so much content on YouTube you just name it and you can get the content. YouTube gives control over the search, you can control the search result of a search of your kids. You can search results according to quality, engagement, and relevance.

Recommended Videos

YouTube checks the way you search and see the videos. It learns your behavior and according to that, it recommends the videos that you like to watch.

News and Information

Now a day every commercial and social organization wishes to come nearer to their viewers. Most of the news channels and media groups are on YouTube. You can watch breaking news, Top News, Fact check, Developing News, etc.

Health Information

YouTube is a socially responsible product of Google. On several critical health issues, it releases several opinions of the experts. Illness like cancer, mental health issues, covid-19, etc.

Monetization of Creators

YouTube provides the facility for individuals to upload their content on their channels. It is a unique business model with which one can generate money. It is a facility by which one can make his hobby a source of self-employment. There are several ways by which one can reach the viewers and earn their livelihood as advertising, subscriptions, and merchandise sales. You can create the videos and upload them at your convenience. Of course, you need to do sufficient market research on this about the taste of users, etc. But once your channel will start earning it’s no looking back because you have picked the taste of users.

YouTube Live

The covid-19 Pandemic allowed YouTube to evolve itself. With YouTube live sessions you can start your live session of classes, concerts, conferences, and many more. It increases the reach of the event.

Do you watch YouTube on a regular basis? If you answered yes, you should use shortcut keys to work faster on YouTube. Use this guide sheet to surf YouTube more efficiently and get more control over your video browsing experience. This cheat sheet is available for download at the bottom of this page in PDf and Excel format.

List of YouTube Shortcuts

1. Playback YouTube Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
K Toggle play/pause
J Rewind 10 seconds
L Fast forward 10 seconds
Shift + P or P previous video
Shift + N or N Next video
, Previous frame(while paused)
. Next frame(while paused)
Shift + , or < Decrease playback rate
Shift + . or < Increase playback rate
0…9 Seek to specific pont in the video

2.Subtitles and Closed Captions YouTube Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
C If the video supports captions, toggle captions ON/OFF
O Rotate through different text opacity levels
W Rotate through different window opacity levels
+ Rotate through font sizes(increasing)
Rotate through font sizes (decreasing)

3. Spherical Videos YouTube Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
W Pan up
A Pan left
S Pan down
D Pan right
+ on numpad or ] Zoom in
– on numpad or [ Zoom out

4. General YouTube Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
F Toggle full screen
T Toggle theater mode
I Toggle miniplayer
Escape Close miniplayer or current dialog
M Toogle Mute

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