Top 70 VLC Media Player Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

VLC is a media player. VLC refers to VideoLan Client. This is one of the most portable media players it supports approx. all file formats of the media. VLC was developed by a non-profitable organization VideoLan. Earlier it was a French student project spread in 20 countries. It is software that can work on Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

There are several media players available in the market but still, VLC is one of the favorites. Windows provide a default media player i.e. windows media player. VLC Media Player is simple, easy to use, and free.

How to Download VLC to Your PC

VLC can be easily get downloaded to the PC. As we have discussed it is developed by a non-profit organization. It is available free for users worldwide. To download this software, you need to go to and search VLC Media Player download. You will be directed to From this link, you can download the VLC media player.

The setup will get downloaded just double click on the .exe file and the after giving a few permissions the software will get installed on your PC.

How to Install VLC to Your Android Phone

If you have an android phone you just need to go to the Google Play Store. Search VLC Media Player and click on install. In a few seconds the app will get installed to your cell phone.


Features of VLC Player

Recording Computer Screen

Click on the Media option, select open capture device, Select Desktop in the capture mode, and select the frame rate you want to record. An average recording is 30 frames per second. On the play button click on the arrow and select convert. Save the name of the file. After clicking on save your screen recording will start.

Taking Screenshot

Instead of using the Windows key + Print Screen to take the screenshot, you can easily take the screenshot of the video you are running on the VCL Media Player. Here are some simple steps. While playing the video, right-click, and the last option is available to take the screenshot.

Convert Video to Audio

You can convert video files to audio files. Go to media, click on convert and save. A dialog box will appear, add a media file, click on convert, and select a convert. Your video file will start converting into an audio file.

Adding your logo to the video

If you create your video and you want to add your logo to the video you might think to use your video editing software. But with the help f the VLC Media player you can easily add your logo to the video. Click on the Tolls option, select effects, and filters, select video effects, select the option of overlay, select the check box of add logo, select image from your PC, and click on close. The image will be added to your video.

The VLC media player, as we all know, is a free and open-source cross-platform media player that can play most multimedia files as well as stream media from the web, and with the help of the below shortcuts, you can configure the media player efficiently, so let’s take a glance at the below shortcuts that can help you in your daily watching experience.

VLC Media Player Shortcut Keys List

1.Program Operations:

 Quit CTRL + Q  or ALT+F4 OR ALT+Q
 Open the adjustment and effects menu CTRL + E
VLM Configuration CTRL + SHIFT + W
Open the message screen CTRL + M
Open the preferences menu CTRL + P
Help F1
 About SHIFT + F1

2.Playing Operations:

 Play and Pause a file SPACE
Next Track N
Previous Track P
 Full screen mode on and off F or F11 or Mouse Double Click
  Switch minimal interface on and off CTRL+H
Show current and remaining time information T
 Go to a specific time of a playing media CTRL+T
Go and play from the start of a file P
Stop movie S
Full screen exit Esc
Switch to next frame E
Loop off, one or all L
Random on and of R


Decrease subtitle delay G
Increase subtitle delay H
Cycle through subtitles V

4.Playing Speed:

Decrease playing speed [
Increase playing speed ]
Normal playing speed Equal To (=)

5.Quick Forward and Backward:

3 seconds forward SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW
3 seconds backward SHIFT + LEFT ARROW
10 seconds forward ALT + RIGHT ARROW
10 seconds backward ALT + LEFT ARROW
1 minute forward CTRL + RIGHT ARROW
1 minute backward CTRL + LEFT ARROW

6.Display Options:

Cycle aspect ratio A
Cycle through crop display area C
Cycle through zoom mode Z
Deinterlace On and Off D
Switch to original size of the video O
Wallpaper mode on (with DirectX output) W

7. Sound and Audio Operations:

Volume Up CTRL + UP ARROW or Mouse Scroll Up
Volume Down CTRL + DOWN ARROW or Mouse Scroll Down
Decrease audio delay J
Increase audio delay K
Cycle through available audio tracks B
Mute sound on and off M
Cycle through audio devices Shift + A

8.Media Information:

View and edit media information like title, artist, album CTRL + I
View codec information like your media dimensions, audio and codecs CTRL + J

9.Playlist Operations:

Switch to playlist or back to media CTRL + L
Save current playlist to a file CTRL + Y
Create, delete and clear bookmarks menu. CTRL + B

10. File Menu Operations:

Open media menu ALT + M
Open playback menu ALT + L
Open audio menu ALT + A
Open video menu ALT + V
Open subtitle menu ALT + S
Open tools menu ALT + O
Open view menu ALT + I
Open help menu ALT + H

11.File Operations:

Open a single  file CTRL + O :
Open multiple files CTRL + SHIFT + O
Open folder CTRL + F :
Open disk CTRL + D :
Open network stream CTRL + N :
Open capture device CTRL + C :
Open location copied in the clipboard CTRL + V :
Convert and save file CTRL + R :
Stream your media locally or on the internet CTRL + S :

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