Top 20 Telegram Desktop Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

Telegram is a popular messaging app like WhatsApp. With this application, you can communicate with others. Share images, documents, videos, and text messages, and even more, voice and video calling. You can communicate with others without spending call charges, just by paying the internet bill. It is a cloud-based application. It gives preference to security features. Like WhatsApp, you can create a group. Apart from this, you can create a channel. This facility can be used to develop and promote the business.

This application was developed by Nikolai and Pavel in 2013. It was developed by a non-profit organization. In the beginning, the application was developed in Russia. But due to IT Laws, the developers left the country, and the company is now established in Germany.

Features of Telegram-

  • It’s easy to use
  • You can send multiple pictures in the profile pictures
  • There is a facility of secret chat and auto delete chat facility.
  • You can use the visualization theme of the app as per your requirement.
  • For professional users telegram, the bot is one of the best features.
  • This application gives the facility of auto night mode.
  • Telegram has self-destruct feature in the message, the message vanishes after the viewer view it. This feature is also used by WhatsApp named as view once.
  • You can also mute the message notification for a specific contact. This feature was available in telegram for a long time. It was further introduced in WhatsApp.
  • This application has several security features that are not available in other chatting applications.
  • There is no limit on file size to share on telegram.
  • You can use the application on your cell phone and PC also. On your PC you can install software and also use it on the web browser.

Using Telegram Desktop

  • To use the telegram on a PC you need to download telegram software. You can use this software on windows enabled PC. Just like other software, you can search telegram pc download in search engine. A webpage will open with a download link.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to install it on the PC.
  • After installing the software, open the software just like any other software.
  • Click on start messaging.
  • Enter your phone number to get the OTP. You can also start messaging by scanning the QR code from your cell phone.
  • If you have entered your cell phone number you will get an OTP on your mobile phone. You can need to enter the OTP in the box.
  • The application will start working on your cell phone.

As we all know, WhatsApp’s policy has changed, so telegram is one of the apps that has gained some customer attention, and the best part of telegram desktop is that it’s a lightweight desktop app with the unique feature of synced history across all your devices. We have provided some shortcut keys for the advancement of your user experience, which can also be downloaded in excel and PDF files by clicking on the download icon for future reference.

Telegram Desktop Shortcut List

Ctrl + Tab Move to next chat
Ctrl + PageDown Move to next chat
Alt + Arrow Down Move to next chat
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move to previous chat
Ctrl + PageUp Move to previous chat
Alt + Arrow Up Move to previous chat
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Up Go to Previous Folder
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Down Go to Next Folder
Ctrl + F Search selected chat
Esc Exit selected chat and search Telegram
Esc Exit display of current chat/channel
Delete Delete currently selected message
Ctrl + Q Quit Telegram
Ctrl + L Lock Telegram (if Local Password is set)
Ctrl + M Iconify (Minimize) Telegram
Ctrl + W Iconify (Minimize) Telegram to System Tray
Arrow Up Edit Previous Message
Ctrl + Enter or Shift + Enter Start New Line in Input Area
Ctrl + Home Move Cursor to Start of Multi-line Message
Ctrl + I Make Text Italic
Ctrl + B Make Text Bold
Ctrl + U Make Text Underline
Ctrl + Shift + X Make Text Striketrough
Ctrl + Shift + M Make Text Monospace
Ctrl + Shift + N Remove Text Formatting (Make Selection Plain Text)
Ctrl + K Add URL to Selected Text (Make Link)
Ctrl + O Send File
Ctrl + J Open Contacts

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