Top 20 Spotify Shortcut Key (Excel-PDF)

You can even use the article’s shortcut keys for using Spotify Desktop for  listening music very easily. By clicking the download icons, you can also download Excel or PDF files for future referance.

Spotify Shortcut Keys List

Mac Function Windows
Cmd-N Create new playlist Ctrl-N
Cmd-X Cut Ctrl-X
Cmd-C Copy Ctrl-C
Cmd-Alt-C Copy (alternative link) Ctrl-Alt-C
Cmd-V Paste Ctrl-V
Del, Backspace Delete Del
Cmd-A Select all Ctrl-A
Space Play/pause Space
Cmd-R Repeat Ctrl-R
Cmd-S Shuffle Ctrl-S
Ctrl-Cmd-Right Next track Ctrl-Right
Ctrl-Cmd-Left Previous track Ctrl-Left
Cmd-Up Volume up Ctrl-Up
Cmd-Down Volume down Ctrl-Down
Cmd-Shift-Down Mute Ctrl-Shift-Down
Cmd-Shift-Up Max volume Ctrl-Shift-Up
Cmd-Shift-? Show help F1
Cmd-F Filter (in Songs and Playlists) Ctrl-F
Cmd-Alt-F, Cmd-L Give focus to search field Ctrl-L
Cmd-Alt-Left, Cmd-[ Go back Alt-Left
Cmd-Alt-Right, Cmd-] Go forward Alt-Right
Enter Play selected row Enter
Cmd-, Preferences Ctrl-P
Cmd-Shift-W Logout active user Ctrl-Shift-W
Cmd-Q Quit Alt-F4
Cmd-H Hide window
Cmd-Alt-H Hide other applications’ windows
Cmd-W Close window
Cmd-M Minimize window
Cmd-Alt-1 Restore from minimized

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