Top 30 Yahoo Mail Shortcut Key (Excel-PDF)

This article teaches you everything you need to know about the new Yahoo! in no time. The shortcuts will allow you to send emails more quickly. You could download Excel and PDF files for future reference by clicking on the download buttons.

Yahoo mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Check Mail m
Check All Mail (includes all POP accounts) Shft+m
Close Current Tab Ctrl+\
New Message n
New Message in its own window Shft+n
Reply r
Reply in a new window Shft+r
Reply All a
Reply All in a new window Shft+a
Forward message f
Forward in a new window Shft+f
Mark As Read k
Mark As Unread Shft+k
Flag l (that’s an L, not a one)
Clear Flag Shft+l (that’s an L, not a one)
Delete Item Your “delete” key
Print Ctrl+p – or just p !
Save Draft Ctrl+s
Send Message Ctrl+Enter (Alt+s also supported)
Turn Reading Pane on and off v
Navigate through tabs-right to left motion Ctrl+[
Navigate through tabs-left to right motion Ctrl+]
Open message in its own tab Enter (select a message first, or more than one)
Edit contact info Enter (select a contact first, in Contacts)
Find a word or phrase in a message Ctrl+f
Expand window to maximum height F11
Next message (in message tab) Ctrl+. (that’s Ctrl with the period)
Previous message (in message tab) Ctrl+, (Ctrl with the comma)
Next (or previous) message with same Subject; Next (or previous) flagged message; Next (or previous) unread message; Next (or previous) from: _________ To set this up, press: Ctrl+Alt+Shft+up arrow. Click the optn you want, then OK. Now: To use the
Skip to oldest unread message Ctrl+Shft+End
Move message to a folder d
Close read-message tab Esc
Start a new chat Ctrl+Shft+c or c

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