Top 300 Camtasia Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

From this article, you will be able to edit videos from the Camtasia keyboard in a faster and easy way in no time. And for better reference, you can download Excel and PDF files by just clicking on the download button.

Camtasia Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac


1.Share Shortcuts for Mac :-

Shortcut  Action 
Command-E Export
Command-Shift-E Advanced export

2.Text Shortcuts for Mac:-

Shortcut  Action
Option-Return Edit text
Command-Shift-B Bold
Command-Shift-I Italic
Command-Shift-U Underline
Command-{ Align left
Command-| Align center
Command-} Align right
Command-Option-C Copy style
Command-Option-V Paste style
Command-Option-T Show special characters
Command-Option-F Show text properties

3.Canvas Shortcuts for Mac :-

Shortcut  Action 
Command-= Zoom in
Command– (minus) Zoom out
Command-0 Zoom to fit
Option-Z Zoom to 100%
Hold spacebar and click and drag on canvas Pan the canvas
Hold Shift Disable aspect ratio snapping
Hold Option Toggle between normal and crop mode
Hold Control after click Resize clip from center
Press corresponding arrow keys Nudge canvas assets

4.Timeline & Editing Shortcuts for Mac :-

Shortcut  Action 
Command-N New project
Command-S Save
Command-Shift-S Save as
Command-O Open project
Command-I Import media
Command-Z Undo
Command-Shift-Z Redo
Delete key Delete
Shortcut Action
Command-Delete key Ripple delete
Shift-Drag Selection on timeline
Option-left arrow Select preceding media
Option-right arrow Select succeeding media
Command-A Select all
Command-Shift-A Deselect all
Command-Return Jump to beginning
Command-Control-E Jump to end
Control-. (period) Jump to next edit
Control-, (comma) Jump to previous edit
Option-K Jump to next keyframe
Shift-K Jump to previous keyframe
Control-Shift-. (period) Jump forward 15 frames
Control-Shift-, (comma) Jump backward 15 frames
Command-Shift-= Zoom in on timeline
Command-Shift- – (minus) Zoom out on timeline
Command-Shift-0 Zoom timeline to fit
Command-Shift-9 Zoom timeline to max
Command-, (comma) Open Camtasia Preferences dialog
Option-M Add marker
Control-Option-M Add marker to media
Option-Shift-, (comma) Jump to first marker
Option-Shift-. (period) Jump to last marker
Control-Option-. (period) Jump to next marker
Control-Option-, (comma) Jump to previous marker
Command-X Cut
Command-Shift-X Ripple cut
Command-Option-I Stitch selected media
Command-C Copy
Command-V Paste
Command-Shift-C Copy properties
Command-Shift-V Paste properties
Command-T Split selection at playhead
Command-Shift-T Split all at playhead
Option-A Add custom video animation
Control-Option-A Add SmartFocus animation
Shift-Tab Previous caption
Enter Replay current caption segment
Tab Next caption
Option-= Increase track height
Shortcut Action
Option-minus Decrease track height
Spacebar Play/pause
Return Rewind to start
Command-1 Show assets
Command-2 Show properties
Control-M Show marker track
Command-; (semicolon) Enable/disable snapping

5.Recording Shortcutsfor Mac:-

Shortcut  Action 
Command-Shift-2 Start recording
Command-Shift-2 Pause recording
Command-Option-2 Stop recording
Command-Shift-N New recording


Camtasia Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows


1.PowerPoint Add-In Hotkeys (Windows Only):-

 Windows key Function
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Record
Ctrl+Shift +F9 Pause
Ctrl+Shift+F10 Stop

2.Captions :-

Windows key Function
Shift+C Add Caption
Shift+Tab Previous Caption
Tab Next Caption
Enter Replay Current Caption Segment (Loop button)
Ctrl+ALT+] Increase Caption Duration
Ctrl+ALT+[ Decrease Caption Duration

3.Text Options for Annotation :-

Windows key Function
_____ Edit Text
Ctrl+B Bold
CTRL+I Italic
Shift+Right Arrow Select one character right of the cursor
Shift+Left Arrow Select one character left of the cursor
Shift+Down Arrow Select all characters after the cursor.
Shift+Up Arrow Select all characters before the cursor.
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+C Copy selected text
Ctrl+V Paste Text
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Highlight text+Delete Delete Text

4.Animations and Effects:-

Windows key Function
T Open Transition tab
Shift+T Add Last Used Transition to Selected Media
O Open Behaviors tab
A Open Animations tab
Alt+K Jump to next animation
Shift+K Jump to previous animation
Shift+A Add Custom Animation
L Open Visual Effects tab
V Open Voice Narration tab
Ctrl+Shift+V Start/Stop Voice Narration Recording

5.Marker and Quiz Options:-

Windows key Function
Shift+M Add Marker
Ctrl+M Show / Hide marker view
Ctrl+] Next Marker
Ctrl+Shift+[ Select between Markers
Ctrl+[ Previous Marker
Ctrl +Shift+[ Timeline Select to Previous Marker
Ctrl+Shift+] Timeline Select to Next Marker
I Open Interactivity tab
Shift+Q Add Quiz
Ctrl+Q Show / Hide quiz view
Ctrl+9 Jump to and select previous quiz
Ctrl+0 Jump to and select next quiz

6.Timeline Navigation :-

Windows key Function
Spacebar Play/Pause/Stop video
Ctrl+Alt+Space Stop playback and return to previous location of the playhead
Ctrl+Alt+Comma Move playhead to previous clip
Ctrl+Alt+Period Move playhead to next clip
Comma Step Backward on timeline
Period Step Forward on timeline
Ctrl+Shift+Plus Zoom in on timeline
Ctrl (hold)+Scroll Wheel
Ctrl+Shift+Minus Zoom out on timeline
Ctrl (hold)+Scroll Wheel
Ctrl+Shift+7 Zoom to see all media on timeline
Ctrl (hold)+Scroll Wheel
Ctrl+Shift+9 Zoom to maximum timeline view
Ctrl (hold)+Scroll Wheel
Ctrl+Shift+8 Zoom to timeline selection
Ctrl+Home Jump to beginning of timeline
Ctrl+Shift+Home Jump to beginning select
Ctrl+End Jump to end of timeline
Ctrl+Shift+End Jump to end select
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Right Arrow Next clip select
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left Arrow Previous clip select
Shift+Drag Playhead Split and ripple move everything on track
Shift Ripple move
1. Select clip on timeline.
2. Hold Shift and drag media.
Hold Shift and trim end of media in/out. Ripple trim
Shift+drag playhead Ripple split and move everything on track at playhead
Ctrl Make timeline selection
Hold and drag playhead
Shift+Period Extend timeline range selection right
Shift+Comma Extend timeline range selection left
Ctrl Temporarily disable snapping
Scroll Wheel Move up or down through tracks
Alt+Plus Increase Track Heights
Alt+Minus Decrease Track Heights

7.Timeline Editing :-

Windows key Function
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+V Paste
Delete Delete
Leaves space on timeline
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+G Group
Ctrl+U Ungroup
Spacebar (hold)+Drag on Canvas Pan
Alt (hold) Crop
Ctrl+R Record Screen
Ctrl+Delete Ripple Delete/Cut
1. Make a selection on timeline.
2. Press Ctrl+Delete.
Selection is deleted and all timeline media is shifted.
S Split selected media at playhead
Ctrl+Shift+S Split all tracks at playhead
Ctrl+Alt+I Stitch selected media
Shift+E Extend frame
Alt+Drag end of clip
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+D Deselect All
Ctrl+Shift+A Add selection to Library
B Open Media Bin tab
Toggle Clip Bin / Library view
Ctrl+1 Show/Hide Tools Panel
Ctrl+2 Show / Hide Properties

8.Canvas Option :-

Windows key Function
Ctrl+; Enable / Disable Canvas Snapping
Ctrl+Plus Or Scroll Wheel Zoom in on canvas
Ctrl+Minus Or Scroll Wheel Zoom out on canvas
Select media+Scroll wheel Change size of selected media on canvas
Esc Exit full screen canvas view
Arrow Keys (hold) Move selected media on canvas
Arrow Keys (one press at a time) Move media 1 pixel
Shift+Arrow Keys (one press at a time) Move Media 10 pixels
Drag corner handle on selected media to resize. Maintain aspect ratio while resizing media
Shift+Drag corner handle on selected media to resize. Override Aspect Ratio when resizing
Ctrl+Drag corner handle on media to resize. Resize media with aspect ratio and maintain center point

9.Programm Option:-

Windows key Function
B Open Media tab
N Open Annotation tab
T Open Transition tab
O Open Behaviors tab
A Open Zoom-n-Pan Animation tab
U Open Cursor Effects tab
V Open Voice Narration tab
D Open Audio Effects tab
L Open Visual Effects tab
I Open Interactivity tab
C Open Captions tab
Ctrl+2 Open Properties Panel
Windows Key+Down Arrow Minimize Window
Alt+F4 Quit/Exit
Alt+Space Display system menu
Alt+First letter of menu Activate Menus
Alt+First letter of menu and Let go of Alt+ Press underlined letter key Menu options accelerators
Esc Remove focus from current control or close a menu or combo dialog box

10.Project Options:-

Windows key Function
Ctrl+R Launch Recorder
F1 Launch online help
Ctrl+S Save project
Ctrl+N New project
Ctrl+O Open project
Ctrl+I Import media into Media Bin
—– Export audio as
Ctrl+F Export frame as
Ctrl+P Produce / Share Production Wizard

11.Recording Shortcutsfor Windows:-

Windows key Function
F9 Start recording
F9 Pause recording
F10 Stop recording
Ctrl+M Marker
Ctrl+Shift+D ScreenDraw
None Select Region
Tools > Options > Hotkeys tab. Hide Tray Icon

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