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Gujrat is the most prosperous state in India. It is the fifth-biggest state in India. The present population of the state is 6.48 Crore. Its capital is Gandhi Nagar, and it is the greenest city in Asia. 45% of Gujrat’s population resides in cities while 55% population stays in rural areas. Gujrat is a historical state. It is full of the archaeological sites of the Indus Valley civilization. Indian archaeological department found more than 50 ruins of ancient cities. Gujrat has the lowest unemployment rate in India, i.e. 1.2%.

The major source of earnings for people in Gujrat is self-employment or business; Ratan Tata and Dhirubhai Ambani are the most famous names among them. The literacy rate in Gujrat is 78.03%. Gujrat is the first state of India where liquor is banned. Gujrat produces 91% soda ash and 66% salt in the country. Surat, in Gujrat, is famous for its diamond business. Gujrat is the biggest producer of milk in the country also. Garba and Dandiya are the famous folk dances of Gujrat.

Gujarat is known as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and its ancient Indus Valley Civilization. it is also India’s most prosperous state lying in western India. Gandhinagar is knowns as the capital of Gujrat. It is also the seventh-largest state in India in terms of area. The state of Gujarat currently has 33 districts.  I have shared the Map of Gujarat in PDF & JPG download with preview as given below & scroll down & click on the download button to take the Map of Gujarat in PDF & JPG download.

Most Developed Cities of Gujarat

Gujrat is one of the fastest developing states in India. It has made a major contribution to the Indian economy. The top most developed cities of Gujrat are as follows-


It is situated on the banks of the Aji and Nayari rivers. It is famous for the work of silk, parts of watches, and gold jewelry. The population of Rajkot is 20 lakhs.

Vadodra City

Also, known as Baroda. It is the third biggest city in Gujrat. It is the cultural city of Gujrat, also called the Art City of Gujrat. The estimated population of this city is 22.38 Lakhs. The economic contribution of Vadodra is through large-scale industries and the service sectors.


Situated in a 326 square km area, completely planned city and capital of the state of Gujrat. At least 50% of the area in this city is covered with plants and trees. Its population is 14.67 lakhs.

Surat City

After Ahemdabad this is one of the biggest cities of Gujrat. It is the commercial and economic hub of south Gujrat. This city is famous for its Diamond and Textile industry. 90% of the diamonds in the world get polished from Surat. Surat is one of the cleanest cities in India. Its estimated population is more than 60 lakhs.

Ahmedabad City

Located near Sabarmati River. It is the biggest city of Gujrat, and this is one of the biggest industrial and commercial hubs, not only in Gujrat but also in India. It is also famous for its tourist spots. Its population is 82 Lakhs.



Map of Gujarat Preview

Map of Gujarat

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Map of Gujarat Satellite view

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