PAN CARD Form 49A PDF- Apply for a New PANCARD

PAN, or Permanent Account Number, is required for practically all Indian residents and economic organizations, particularly those who pay income tax and are identified under the Income Tax Act of 1961. PAN is a 10-digit unique alphanumeric identification code used to trace all monetary transactions. It is given by the Indian Income Tax Department, which is overseen by the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT).

To obtain a PAN card, Indian people and corporations, Entities established in India, and Unincorporated Entities founded in India must complete PAN card Form 49A. Pan Card Form 49A may be obtained from any IT PAN Service Centre (operated by UTIITSL), TIN-Facilitation Centre (TIN-FCs)/ PAN Centre (administered by NSDL e-Gov), any other stationery seller supplying similar forms, or via the UTIITSL/NSDL/ Income Tax Department website. The completely completed form must be submitted along with the necessary documentation to the district’s approved PAN agency or online via the NSDL or UTI site.

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Pancard Forms

Here are the PAN application forms that must be filed for the Income Tax Department to provide a new PAN card.

  • Pancard Form 49A: Indian citizens, Indian companies, corporations incorporated in India, and unincorporated entities founded in India are eligible to apply.
  • Pancard form 49AA: Individuals who are not Indian nationals, unincorporated entities, and entities formed outside of India will fill these positions.

How to fill PAN CARD Form 49A?

How to Complete PAN Card Form 49A

PAN Card Form 49A is divided into 17 parts and sub-sections. The following fields must be completed on the PAN Card 49A Form:

  • Assessing Officer Code: The Assessing Officer Code, as well as data such as the Area Code, Range Code, AO Type, and AO Number, must be filled out for the PAN Card application.
  • Name in full: You must provide your complete name. When filling out your name, avoid using abbreviations.
  • Full Name Abbreviations to be Printed on the PAN Card: If you want to include your complete name abbreviated on your PAN Card. Please keep in mind that only the first and middle names can be truncated, not the last name.
  • Other Name: In the third part of the form, ‘Have you ever been known by any other name?’ you must mark yes or no. You must include all of the details of the other name, with no abbreviations.
  • Gender: You must put in your gender (for individual applicants only)
  • Date of Birth: In the format, enter your date of birth/Agreement/Incorporation/Partnership or Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals or Association of Persons. DD-MM-YYYY
  • Tick the box if you have a single mother and wish to apply for a PAN card using only her name.
  • The father’s name (mandatory except where the mother is a single parent)
  • Mother’s surname (optional)
  • If you provide your father’s and mother’s names and leave no options selected, your father’s name will be printed on the PAN card by default.
  • Address: You must fill out your residence and office addresses in Form 49A with comprehensive data such as the name of the premises, state, district, town, PIN code, and so on.
  • Communication Address: If the communication address is your home or business, you must check the box.
  • Email Address and Phone Number: You must include your email address and phone number so that the PAN authorities can contact you and inform you about your PAN Card application by SMS or email, or if there are any problems with your application form. Check that the phone number includes the ISD (country code) and the STD code.
  • Applicant Status: It is required to fill out the applicant status.
  • Registration Number: The registration number field must be completed by corporations, firms, and LLPs seeking a PAN Card, and it does not apply to individuals or HUFs.
  • Aadhaar Number: According to the new laws, linking a PAN Card with an Aadhaar Card is required. If you have an Aadhaar Card, you must provide the Aadhaar number; otherwise, you must provide the Enrolment ID from the Aadhaar application form as specified in Section 139 AA of this form.


PAN CARD Form 49A PDF- Apply for a New PAN CARD


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