RTO Form 28, 29,& 30 Download PDF

Forms supplied by the RTO that you must fill out in order to sell your old car. These forms, which include Forms 28, 29, and 30 can be downloaded from the VAHAN website or obtained offline from your local RTO. To complete the car selling process, you must submit duly completed copies of this paperwork to the RTO.

Form 28 is necessary to acquire a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the registering authorities for your vehicle. It is also necessary to demonstrate that you do not have any liabilities that would prevent you from legally selling your automobile. Form 28, also known as a NOC form, states that all legalities pertaining to your vehicle have been addressed, implying that there are no outstanding taxes, challans, or fines.

Any FIRs filed against your car When selling a secondhand automobile, you must provide three copies of Form 28. This form is necessary to notify the RTO that your vehicle has been sold to a third party. Form 29 must be submitted in two copies. This paper clearly states that the owner has handed all car-related documents, such as the registration, insurance, and PUC, to the new owner.

It is stated in this form that all of the legal ties and liabilities that arose from your ownership of the vehicle are now the responsibility of the new buyer. It includes details such as the financier’s approval if any. This form must be submitted to the RTO within 14 days following the sale of your car.

RTO Form 28- No Objection Certificate PDF Download Link
RTO Form 29 – Notice Transfer of Motor Vehicle Download Link 
RTO Form 30 – Motor Vehicles Ownership Transfer Download Link 

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