Challan 280 Income Tax Payment Online – PDF Download

Challan 280 is a form that may be found on the Income Tax India website. This challan may be used to pay income tax online. To pay the tax, the challan can be filed online or submitted offline.

What is the Challan 280 and How to Use it to pay Income Tax?

You may now pay your income tax online using challan 280 on the income tax website. You are not compelled to pay your income tax through a Chartered Accountant or any other means. Because most paid workers may not have to pay additional taxes, many companies pay the income tax on their employees’ behalf. The form will ask you to fill in the data. The completed form may be used to pay your income tax either online or offline at a bank.

How to Pay Income Tax with Challan 280 Online?

Step 1: Go to the NSDL official website at

Step 2: On the main page, select the ‘Services’ option to access the drop-down menu.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select ‘e-payment: Pay Taxes Online.’

Step 4: You will be routed to the page titled ‘e-Payment of Taxes.’ You may also go to the ‘Pay Taxes Online’ box on the right side of the website’s main page and select ‘Click to pay tax online’ to immediately visit the ‘e-Payment of Taxes’ page.

Step 5: Select ‘Challan No./ITNS 280’ from the drop-down menu and press the ‘Proceed’ button.

Step 6: On the following page, you can see the challan, which must be filled out with information such as the appropriate tax, the Permanent Account Number (PAN), the assessment year, and so on.

Step 7: To pay income tax, choose the ‘(0021) Income Tax (Other than Companies’ option. The alternative option, ‘(0020) Corporation Tax (Companies),’ will be used by corporations to pay corporation tax.

Step 8: Then, from the options presented, choose the appropriate ‘Type of Payment,’ which include (100) Advance Tax, (102) Surtax, (106) Tax on Distributed Profit, (107) Tax on Distributed Income, (300) Self-Assessment Tax, and (400) Tax on Regular Assessment.

Step 9: Finally, select a payment method. The payment may be made using either ‘Net Banking’ or a ‘Debit Card.’ Once you’ve chosen the most convenient choice, pick the bank’s name from the drop-down menu next to it.

Step 10: Next, input your PAN information and choose the appropriate Assessment Year from the drop-down box. It should be noted that the applicable evaluation year for the period 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2019 is 2019-20.

Step 11: The following step will need you to provide information about your residence, district, state, pin code, e-mail ID, and mobile phone number.

Step 12: Then, in the field provided, enter the ‘Captcha Code’ that appears on the screen.

Step 13: Select the ‘Proceed’ option, which will take you to the ‘e-Payment page,’ where you may pay the income tax that you owe.

Download Challan 280 PDF


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