Top 60 Google Drive Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

The world of technology is transforming every day. After the invention of computers, the IT industry starts generating data. This data required a safe space for storage. Floppy, CD, DVDs even Pen Drive are devices from the past. The quality and trustworthiness of such storage are also doubtful. With the widespread of the internet and its economic availability, the next generation is shifting to cloud storage. Several companies are providing cloud storage services.

In this series, Google has also launched its cloud storage on April 24, 2012. You can access your files and folders from anywhere in the world. Apart from that it also provides the facility to access various free applications from Google as well. You can do various things with it like creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Moreover, you can download these documents in various formats. Google Drive allows its users to store, synchronize and share files across devices.

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services it provides the space of 15 GB for free. You only need to create your Gmail account and you can access the facility of Google drive. If you have not yet used the cloud storage facility you need to know about it. Because you can access it from anywhere and you just need to have an internet connection. Cloud storage solves our various problems like storing the document on a hard drive, sharing it saving it on the USB, and furthering its safety.

Benefits of Google Drive

Google Drive has several benefits some of them are as follows-

Easy Access

This service is easily accessible on a computer or cell phone. The application of Google drive gives the benefit of synchronization. With this facility, you need not upload the documents again and again. The drive will automatically update the files in the cloud storage. Google Drive gives the free space of 15 GB which is enough for individual users. In case you feel that the space is not enough you can take the subscription of the extra space.

Inbuilt Apps

There are several inbuilt apps of Google. Google Docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms are some of the apps that are required for office use. Furthermore, Google photos give the benefit of saving photos on cloud storage.

Subscription Pricing of Google Drive

Google Drive provides several subscription plans to upgrade the storage space.

  • 15 GB for free
  • $1.99/ Month for 100 GB
  • $9.99/Month for 1TB
  • $99.99/Month for 10TB

Google Drive helps you store files in the Google server, you can also synchronize files across the devices and share files. Google Drive also provides offline capabilities for Windows and macOS computers. So to improve your experience and workflow we have provided some shortcut keys in this article which are available in Excel and PDF format and you can download it from the download icon below for your future reference.

Google Drive Shortcut Keys List

1.Application actions:

Ctrl + / (Chrome OS, Windows) or ⌘ + / (Mac) or Shift + / Display keyboard shortcuts list
q then q Choose next visual density (row height and element spacing for list view)
Ctrl + f (Chrome OS, Windows) or ⌘ + f (Mac) Find/find next
Ctrl + p (Chrome OS, Windows) or ⌘ + p (Mac) Print
m Show last message
/ Search your Drive

2.Preview mode actions:

Esc Close
Space Play/pause
+ or = Zoom in
Zoom out

3.Open menus:

c Create menu
a More actions menu
f Current folder actions menu
r Sort menu
t Settings menu

4.Move between items:

Ctrl + Down arrow (Chrome OS, Windows) ⌘ + Down arrow (Mac) Move down without changing selection
Ctrl + Up arrow (Chrome OS, Windows) ⌘ + Up arrow (Mac) Move up without changing selection
Ctrl + Left arrow (Chrome OS, Windows) ⌘ + Left arrow (Mac) Move left without changing selection
Ctrl + Right arrow (Chrome OS, Windows) ⌘ + Right arrow (Mac Move right without changing selection

5.Take action on selected items:

Enter & O Open selected item
n Rename selected item
. (dot) Share selected items
z Move selected items to new folder
s Star or unstar selected items
Shift + z Add selected folder to another folder Create shortcuts to selected items
# or Alt + Backspace (Chrome OS) /# or Delete (Windows) /# or Fn + Delete (Mac) Remove selected items
Ctrl + z (Chrome OS, Windows) ⌘ + z (Mac) Undo last action
Ctrl + Shift + z (Chrome OS, Windows) ⌘ + Shift + z (Mac) Redo last undone action

6.Create new items:

Shift + t Document
Shift + p Presentation
Shift + s Spreadsheet
Shift + d Drawing
Shift + f Folder
Shift + o Form

7.Select items:

x Select or deselect item
J & Down arrow Select next item down
k & Up arrow Select next item up
h & Left arrow Select next item to the left
l & Right arrow Select next item to the right
Shift + Down arrow Extend selection down
Shift + Up arrow Extend selection up
Shift + Left arrow Extend selection left
Shift + Right arrow Extend selection right
Shift + a Select all visible items
Shift + n Clear all selections

8.Navigation and views:

g then n & g then f Go to navigation panel (folders list)
g then l Go to items view
v Switch between grid and list in items view
g then d Go to details pane
g then t Go to top of application (Google bar)
g then a Go to download status
g then u Go to upload status
d Show or hide details pane
i Show or hide activity pane

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