Top 80 Maxthon Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

A web browser is application software. Is it also known as a client program? It is used to access the Internet, and further to use to view the website.

How to update Maxthon Browser

  • Click on the three lines at the top right-hand corner of your Maxthon Browser.
  • Select the about option.
  • The Maxthon Browser will automatically start checking updates.
  • In case there is any update available you will get the message that an update is available
  • You will get the message that there is an update available as you will click on update now the browser will start the update.
  • In case there is no update available. You will get the message that your browser is up to date.
  • Another way to update the browser is to go to the official website of Maxthon Browser.
  • You can click on the Free Download button. The setup file of the Maxthon Browser will start downloading to the PC.
  • Now you need to double click on the downloaded file of Maxthon and the browser will be reinstalled to your PC.
  • This will be an updated version of the Maxthon Browser will be installed.
  • The difference between both methods is in the second one a new browser will be installed the older settings may get removed and in the first one, the existing browser will get updated.

Features of Maxthon Browser

Resource Sniffer

With the help of this feature, you can save the URL of the work you did till now. Just click on the option at the top. Click on the image, video, audio, or all. Select it and click on download. The image will get downloaded to a separate folder.


With the help of the snap tool, you can easily take a screenshot of any part of the browser screen. You can copy the screenshots to the paint software and save them for later.

Night Mode

In today’s life, we all work for a very long time on the PC. It is harmful to the eyes of the users. To protect the eyes of users and to minimize the stress of working Maxthon Browser is offering the Night Mode. Due to the Night Mode screen getting dark and the brightness of the screen getting reduced and gives ease to the users.


The pass keeper facility helps a user to keep the passwords safe. One doesn’t need to remember all the passwords.

Maxthon browser is freeware developed by Maxthon Ltd. Everyone should be aware of its shortcuts, which will help you improve your experience and browse more easily. You will also be able to download the PDF or Excel file from the Download icon below for future reference.

Maxthon Shortcut Keys List

1. Zoom Maxthon Shortcut

Zoom Page / 100% Ctrl+*
Zoom Page / +20% Ctrl++
Zoom Page / -20% Ctrl+-

2.Switch tabs:

Previous tab F2
Next tab F3
Previous tab (*) Ctrl+Left
Next tab (*) Ctrl+Right
Switch tabs Ctrl+Tab
Switch tabs in the reverse order Ctrl+Shft+Tab
Display pages 1-10 Ctrl+1…0

3.Sidebar / Explorer Bar:

Toggle the Search sidebar Ctrl+E
Toggle the Favorites sidebar Ctrl+I
Toggle the History sidebar Ctrl+H


Save the current form data Alt+1
Save the current form data as default Alt+2
Fill in the current form Alt+Q

5.Ad Hunter:

Send to the filter list Ctrl+Q
Toggle the popup filter Alt+I
Toggle the auto popup filter Alt+P
Toggle the content filter Alt+C

6. Search Bar:

Move focus to the Search bar and highlight keywords Ctrl+Shft+F
Search keywords using multiple engines Shft+Enter
Toggle highlighting of search keywords on the active page Ctrl+Enter

7. Others:

Open the Collector Ctrl+G
Add to Favorites Ctrl+D
Tile windows vertically Ctrl+T
Toggle the main Menu bar Ctrl+F11
Move focus to the Address bar & select the current url Alt+D
Move focus to the Address bar & open the URL list F4
Hide/Show Maxthon Alt+`
View the links list of the current page Alt+L
Lock the current tab Alt+X
Reopen the last closed tab Alt+Z
URL keys (*) F1-F12


Refresh F5
Refresh Ctrl+R
Refresh Ctrl+F5
Refresh all tabs Shft+F5

9.Go To:

Back Alt+Left
Forward Alt+Right
Home Alt+Home


Close the current tab Ctrl+W
Close the current tab Ctrl+F4
Close all tabs Ctrl+Shft+W
Close all tabs except the current one Ctrl+K


Open a URL Ctrl+L
Open a URL Ctrl+O
Open a new window Ctrl+N
Open a new blank window F1
Open the home page in a new tab Ctrl+Shft+H
Open a URL from clipboard in a new tab Ctrl+Shft+N


Save as… Ctrl+S
Save HTML Alt+S
Auto save Ctrl+Alt+S


Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Select all Ctrl+A


Stop ESC
Stop all tabs Shft+ESC
Find on this page Ctrl+F
Print Ctrl+P
Full screen F11

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