Top 40 Skype Keyboard Shortcuts Keys (Excel-PDF)

Skype is an international chatting app and software. You can call, chat, video call, send messages, and share videos, images, etc. on the national and international levels. You can chat without sending a friend request. It is a messenger but you don’t need to save your number. You can chat by just searching the profile name. it was launched in 2003 and now Microsoft Corporation owns it. Every day it is used for at least 200 minutes daily. Using skype is free of cost. But if you want to call, chat, or contact a person who is not using skype it will cost you. You can use skype on your PC, Smart Phone, internet tv, and tablet.

How to use Skype

  • You can download skype from the website of Microsoft Corporation. You can type Skype Download in any of the search engines like google, bing, etc. You will be directed to this web page- Or you can directly go on this web page by copy-pasting the above link.
  • The .exe file gets downloaded to your PC. You can install the software by just double click on the .exe file. The file will start installing on the PC.
  • Now double click on the skype icon on the desktop.
  • Skype window will ask for sign in or sign up. If you are new to Skype you need to signup on skype by using your contact number or email id. Further, you have to enter your password.
  • You need to verify your email id and contact number by a verification code.
  • Now your account is created you can upload your account image.
  • You get the option of search, you need to enter the name of the person with whom you wish to contact and you can chat or make a video call to that person.
  • You can type the message, and send emojis, GIFs, or stickers. You can also send voice messages via skype.
  • The video call option in Skype gives you several features like turning on and off the camera, you can add more people to the video call. You can even record the video call and even take a screenshot.
  • If you want to use skype for business purposes you can cast the screen. So, you can use it for teaching and business purposes also. For showing presentations.
  • Skype also gives the feature to arrange a meeting for clients. You can simply send the link to the meeting to the people whom you want to add. By doing so people can join you.

Default Hotkeys for Skype on Windows

1. Navigation:

Ctrl+, Open Settings
Ctrl+I Open Notifications
Ctrl+T Open Themes:
Alt+1 Open Recent Chats
Alt+2 Open Contacts
Ctrl+P Open Conversation
 Ctrl+Shift+G Open Gallery
Ctrl+D Open Dial Pad
Ctrl+H Open Help
Ctrl+O Open Feedback

2. Controls:

 Ctrl+Shift+K Toggle Camera
Ctrl+Shift+S Search Contacts,Messages and Bots
 Ctrl+Tab Next Conversation
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Previous Conversation
Ctrl+Shift+Plus Zoom In
Ctrl Zoom Out
Ctrl+Zero Restore Default Zoom
Ctrl+N New Conversation
Ctrl+G New Group Chat
Ctrl+Shift+A Add People to Conversation
Ctrl+Shift+F Send File
Ctrl+Shift+U Mark As Unread
 Ctrl+S Take Snapshot
Ctrl+Shift+J Resize Camera Preview
Ctrl+R Refresh Skype ( Windows Desktop Only)
 Ctrl+W Close Windows


Ctrl+/ View Hotkeys
Ctrl+Shift+T Toggle Light/Dark Mode

4.Default Hotkeys for the Skype Web App on Windows:

 Up Edit Last Message
Ctrl+Shift+F Search Contacts, Messages and Bots
Ctrl+Shift+R Refresh Skype
Ctrl+Shift+G New Group Chat
Ctrl+Shift+E Archive Conversation

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