Top 120 Microsoft OneNote Shortcuts Keys (Excel-PDF)

We all create files related to our office or studies in MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint due to this we got too many files and folders on our computer. It’s difficult to track these files and folders. Microsoft came up with the solution to this problem with Microsoft OneNote. It is the combination of all the above software that we use to make our documents. You can create notes and other documents easily. It contains all the features that are available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Apart from these features, there are several other features in this software. Its searching capability is very much strong, OneNote works like a normal notebook. As we create sections in a notebook and further sections are divided into pages. OneNote is a digital version of your notebook. Its best part is that it is linked with one drive. Whenever your device gets connected to the internet OneNote saves it on one drive. With this facility, you can access the data from anywhere and anytime.

Working Effectively on OneNote

In the OneNote window, as we click on the notebook at the upper left-hand corner, a notebook option will activate at the extreme left corner down. By clicking on it a new window will open, you can tag the notebook with a specific color and give a name to your notebook. The notebook will automatically get saved to one drive. Next, you have to click on create. The notebook is created, by default a section is created. You can also create the section by selecting an Add Section option at the extreme left down in the window. You can change the name of the section. You can add pages in every section. You can add multiple pages in a section. On every page, you can write down the details or descriptions as required.

Working on OneNote is very easy as it has very limited options in the ribbons. In the home menu, you will get the options of copy, pasting, fort style, and further you can get to do an important option. These are the same options you get in your manual scheduler. You can also create the tags for your schedules like office, home, and other important work can be tagged in the different icons.

From the Insert ribbon, you can insert the files to work upon, images, etc. in your schedule. You can also take a screen clip and insert it in your desired location.

The table below to learn Microsoft OneNote keyboard shortcuts and also you can download the shortcuts in pdf and excel format, so what you are waiting for let’s learn.

Microsoft OneNote Shortcuts Keys List

1. Search Notes:

Move insertion point to search box to search all notebooks Ctrl+E
While searching all notebooks, preview next result Arrow Down
While searching all notebooks, go to selected result and dismiss search Enter
Change the search scope Ctrl+E, Tab, Space
Open the Search Results pane Alt+O after searching
Search only current page. Switch between searching everywhere and searching only the current page at any point by pressing CTRL+E or CTRL+F Ctrl+F
While searching current page, move to next result F3 (or Enter)
While searching current page, move to previous result Shift+F3
Dismiss search and return to page Esc

2. Tag Notes:

Apply, mark, or clear ‘To-Do’ tag Ctrl+1
Apply or clear ‘Important’ tag Ctrl+2
Apply or clear ‘Question’ tag Ctrl+3
Apply or clear ‘Remember for later’ tag Ctrl+4
Apply or clear ‘Definition’ tag Ctrl+5
Apply or clear a custom tag Ctrl+6 … Ctrl+9
Remove all note tags from selected notes Ctrl+0 (zero)

3. Outlines:

Show Level 1 through 9 Alt+Shift+1 … 9
Expand all levels Alt+Shift+0
Increase/ decrease indent by one level Tab/Shift+Tab
Expand collapsed outline Alt+Shift+[/]
Collapse expanded outline Alt+Shift+-

4. Add Items:

Insert current Date Alt+Shift+D
Insert current Time Alt+Shift+T
Insert current date and time Alt+Shift+F
Insert document or File on current page Alt+N, F
Insert document or file as a printout on current page Alt+N, O
Show or hide document printouts on current page (when running OneNote in High Contrast mode) Alt+Shift+P
Insert Picture from file Alt+N, P
Insert picture from Scanner or a camera. Alt+N, S
Insert screen clipping. The OneNote icon must be active in the notification area on the Windows taskbar Win+S

5. Manage Pages, Notebooks and Sections:

Create new section Ctrl+T
Move or copy current page Ctrl+Alt+M
Go to next/ previous page in section Ctrl+Page Down/Page Up
Go to next/ previous section Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Go to first/ last page in the section Alt+Home/End
Go to first/ last page in the currently visible set of page tabs Alt+Page Up/Page Down
Go back to last/ next page opened Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right
Move focus to Notebook area (typically on the left); continue with Arrow Up/Arrow Down to select page. Press Escape to cancel Ctrl+G
Move focus to Pages area (typically on the Right); continue with Arrow Up/Arrow Down to select page. Press Escape to cancel Ctrl+Alt+G
Move focus to Section area (typically on the top); continue with Arrow Left/Arrow Right to select section. Press Escape to cancel Ctrl+Shift+G
Open move option for current section Ctrl+Shift+G, Shift+F10, M
Open notebook Ctrl+O
Open a section Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O
Select current page tab Ctrl+Shift+A

6. OneNote Tables:

Create able by adding a second column to already typed text. Tab
Create another column in table with a single row.
Create another row when at the end cell of a table. Press Enter a second time to finish the table Enter
Create row below current row in table Ctrl+Enter
Create another paragraph in same cell in table Alt+Enter
Create column to the right of current column in table Ctrl+Alt+R
Create column to the left of current column in table Ctrl+Alt+E
Create row above the current one in table (when the cursor is at the beginning of any row) Enter
Delete current empty row in table (when the cursor is at the beginning of the row) Press Delete twice

7.OneNote Window:

Show or hide Ruler lines on current page Ctrl+Shift+R
Increase/ decrease width of page tab (typically on the right) Ctrl+Shift+[/]
Increase/ decrease width of sections tab (typically on the left) Ctrl+Shift+Alt+[/]
Show or hide section tab Alt+F1
Zoom in/ out Ctrl+Shift+Alt++/-
Show or hide Office ribbon Ctrl+F1
Turn full-screen view on or off F11
Dock/ undock OneNote program window to desktop Ctrl+Alt+D
Replicate OneNote window Ctrl+M
Open a small OneNote window to create side note Ctrl+Shift+M
Create a new side note Win+N
Create a new page below current page tab at the same level Ctrl+Alt+N
Create a new subpage below current page Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N

8. Basic Editing and Formatting:

Undo/ redo last action Ctrl+Z/Y
Move one word left/ right Ctrl+Arrow Left/Arrow Right
Move to next/ previous paragraph Ctrl+Arrow Down/Arrow Up
Move to beginning/ end of the line Home/End
Move to top/ bottom of current page Ctrl+Home/End
Move one page up/ down in current page Page Up/Page Down
Delete one word to the right of cursor Ctrl+Delete
Delete one word to the left of cursor Ctrl+Backspace
Cut/ copy/ paste selection Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V
Select to the beginning/ end of line Shift+Home/End
Select all of Line Ctrl+A 1x
Select all of Comment Section Ctrl+A 2x
Select all of current page Ctrl+A 3x
Select current paragraph and its subordinate paragraphs Ctrl+Shift+-
Bring up context menu for any note, tab, or any other object that currently has focus (Simulate right mouse-button) Shift+F10


Increase/ decrease font size of selected text Ctrl+Shift+>/<
Highlight selected text Ctrl+Shift+H
Format selected text Bold; press again to un-apply Ctrl+B
Format Italic Ctrl+I
Format Underline Ctrl+U
Format strikethrough Ctrl+-
Format subscript Ctrl+=
Format superscript Ctrl+Shift+=
Copy/ paste formatting of selected text Ctrl+Shift+C/Ctrl+Shift+V
Apply the Normal style Ctrl+Shift+N
Apply bullets to selection; press again to un-apply Ctrl+.
Apply numbered list Ctrl+/
Apply heading style 1 thru 6 Ctrl+Alt+1 … 6
Indent/ outdent paragraph Alt+Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow Left
Align Right/ Left Ctrl+R/Ctrl+L
Select Title of page Ctrl+Shift+T
Move current line or selected lines up/ down Alt+Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow Down
Insert a line break without starting a new paragraph Shift+Enter
Insert a hyperlink Ctrl+K

10. The Rest:

Check spelling F7
Open research pane and thesaurus for the currently selected word Shift+F7
Execute action suggested on the Information Bar if it appears at the top of a page Ctrl+Shift+W
Lock all password-protected sections Ctrl+Alt+L
Expand or collapse the subordinate tabs of a page group Ctrl+Shift+*
Print the current page Ctrl+P

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