Top 80 Canva Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

Canva is a Graphic Designing platform. With the help of this tool, you can create a graphic design for any Blog, Social Media Post, or another project. Canva is a cloud application you don’t require to download on your PC.  But if you are using a mobile version of this software you are required to download the Canva App. On the PC you can use it with the help of the internet only.

Usage of Canva

You can create any kind of Graphics with the help of Canva. You can create the image of your blog, after all, it is for Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Can assist in developing more than 46 types of graphic designs.

Pricing of Canva

Canva provides basic and premium plans for its users. It is a free application but to use some of the premium designs there is a paid membership required. The free plan doesn’t ask for any trial membership.

Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a paid version of Canva. To use this facility you are required to take a subscription to the application. It has various extra features in comparison to the free version of Canva.

Earning through Canva

If you have learned to use Canva you can start earning for this application. There are several ways by which you can via Canva-

  • You can create a course and can sell it online by using Canva.
  • You can work for a person or company for making graphic designs.
  • You can earn money with Canva Affiliate. If you are a youtube, Instagram, or Facebook influencer you can earn from canva.
  • You can create your meme page and can earn money from Paid Memes.

How to Create Canva Pro Account

While making an account on Canva you will get several options like Non-profit organizations, students, teachers, small businesses, large organizations, and personal accounts.

For a free Canva Pro account, you need to be a student, teacher, or non-profit organization. For others, you need to have paid account.

Alternatives of Canva

There are several alternative tools of Canva but in the graphic designer tools, Crello is one of the popular alternatives of the canvas.  Crello is also a graphic designer tool just like Canva. You can create graphics for websites, social media, etc. Crello has two versions one of them is paid and another one is free for the users.

How to learn Canva

You can learn Canva in various ways there are several online tutorials on youtube. By continuous practice, you can learn canva with experience as well.

In this article, we will learn some Canvas shortcut keys, which is a graphic design platform used to create social media graphics, presentations, logo maker, and many other items. This platform includes both free and paid subscriptions. You can also get some free templates that you can use and edit to suit your needs. These shortcuts will save you time and can be used without the use of a mouse. For future reference, the shortcuts can also be downloaded in Excel and PDF format.

1.Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts List: 

Group Elements CTRL/CMD + G
Ungroup Elements CTRL/CMD + Shift + G
Move an element forward/backward CTRL/CMD + ] or [
Move all the way to the front or back CTRL/CMD + ALT/Option + [ or ]
Nudge an element by 1px Arrow Keys (L or R)
Move element by 10px Shift + Arrow Keys (L or R)
Change text to uppercase or lowercase CTRL/CMD + Shift + K
Underline text CTRL/CMD + U
Bold Text CTRL/CMD + B
Change text to italics CTRL/CMD + i
Align text to the left, right, or center CTRL/CMD + L, R, or C
Align text to the top (default), middle, or bottom CTRL/CMD + ALT/Opt + H, M, or B
Create a rectangle, circle, or line R, C, or L
Create a text box T
Increase or decrease font size Shift + CTRL/CMD + < or >
Add or delete a new page CTRL/CMD + Enter or Delete
Align a group of text boxes CTRL/CMD + Shift + J
Line Spacing ALT/Option + UP or DOWN arrow
Open or close the Search CTRL/CMD + / or ?
Copy or Paste a Text Style CTRL/CMD + ALT/Opt + C or V
Loop Video CTRL/CMD + ALT/Opt + L
Tidy Up ALT/Opt + Shift + T
Lock / Unlock for editing ALT/Opt + Shift + L
Mute or unmute a video M
Toggle Rulers on/off Shift + R
Open up help. Hint: search “keyboard shortcuts” for quick access! ?

2.Complete List of Canva Keys Shortcuts:

 Copy Cmd/Ctrl + C
 Paste Cmd/Ctrl + V
 Quick Copy Alt/Option + Drag
Add a text box T key
 Bold text Cmd/ctrl + B
Italicized text Cmd/ctrl + I
 Underline text Cmd/Ctrl + U
 Increase font size Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + >
 Decrease font size Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + <
 Copy text style Cmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt +C
 Paste text style Cmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt +V
Convert text to uppercase Cmd/ctrl + Shift + K
 Align text to the left Cmd/ctrl + shift + L
Align text to the right : Cmd/ctrl + shift + R
Align text in the center Cmd/ctrl + shift + C
 Group elements Cmd/Ctrl + G
 Ungroup elements Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + G
 Duplicate elements Cmd/ctrl + D
 Select all elements Cmd/ctrl + A
 Deselect element ESC key
 Delete element Delete key
Send elements backward Cmd/ctrl + [
Send elements forward Cmd/ctrl + ]
Send elements to back Cmd/ctrl +Option/Alt + [
Send elements to front Cmd/ctrl + Option/Alt + ]
Add a line to your template L key
Add a rectangle to your template  R key
Add a circle to your template  C key
Constrain proportions while resizing Shift + Drag Corners
Scale element relative to it’s Center Point Alt + Drag Side Handles
Zoom in on your template Cmd/ctrl + “+”
Zoom out of your template Cmd/ctrl + “-”
 Zoom 100% Cmd/ctrl + 0
 Zoom to fit Cmd/ctrl + Option/Alt+0
 Undo an action Cmd/ctrl + Z
 Redo an action  Cmd/ctrl + Shift
 Add a new page  Cmd/Ctrl + Return Key
 Delete empty page  Cmd/Ctrl + Delete key
Add a comment  Cmd/Ctrl + Option/ Alt+M
 Select multiple elements  Shift + Click

3.Basic Shortcuts :

Select All CTRL/CMD + A
 deselect ESC
 delete element DELETE or BACKSPACE
 Copy/Paste CTRL/CMD + C OR V
 Undo last action CTRL/CMD + Z
Redo last action CTRL/CMD + Shift + Z
Previous/Next TAB key
 Zoom in CTRL/CMD and +Key
 Zoom out CTRL/CMD and – Key
 Save file CTRL/CMD + S
Play or Pause a Video Spacebar

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