Top 100 Hitflim Shortcuts Keys (Excel-PDF)

Hitfilm Express is free to use professional graded software for video editing. It has all the facilities that are required to develop amazing videos and movies. This software is not only available for free but also provides various tutorials for beginners.

You may be a beginner, gamer, social media influencer, or filmmaker. You will be benefited from this software. This software is developed by FX Home Limited. As an advanced editing software, it contains everything that is required to make professional content. Hitfilm Express comes with several features it helps in implementing the best audio effects and adding visual effects to your projects.

Is Hitfilms free?

Hit films are one of the widely used editing tools. While other editing tools give various facilities with a heavy license fee, Hitfilms give those premium facilities for free without asking to pay any license fee. It also gives tutorials for the users that help them to make professional projects.

The Interface

Laired workspace is one of the specialties among the various others.  The interface of the software can be easily adjusted according to your requirements. This software gives an integrated feature to work on the various aspects of the project at the same time. You can use a tab for editing, another for adding sections to the video, and furthermore.

Numerous Features

When you download HitFilm Express you receive more than 400 effects and pre-sets. You can use the effect of lightning as a video editor. You can blur the motions, add the effects of war, and also clean footage. If you are in search of realistic earthquakes, fires, 3D animation, Doppler shifts, etc. you can get them by add-on option.  If you only wish to work with free tools you will not get disheartened. When it comes to video editing, Hitfilms provides video and audio tracks, transition features, animation tools, decoded trimmer, attribute duplicator, an audio mixer, etc. unlimited facilities. To ensure the video editors should not have any problems the software provides the help feature including FAQs.

Popular File Types

By Hitfilms you can save various video, music, and graphic projects into several file formats. Like MXF, MOV, MP4, AVI, GIF, OBJ, 3DS, PNG, LDO, and many more. Apart from that, the latest version of this software comes with a new audio sink facility. Bu the help of this facility you can sink many audio tracks with a single click.

From the article below we will learn some shortcuts about Hitfilm Express which is a free video editing software with profession-grade VFX tools which have everything, you need to make awesome content, films, or gaming, with the help of this software you can make a professional video, thus hit film. These shortcut keys will help to improve your workflow and save time also. Now! You can also download Excel or PDF files from the download icon below for your future reference after learning from this article.

1.Viewer Panel:

 V Select Tool
 H Hand Tool
 T Text Tool
 R Rectangle Mask Tool
 E Ellipse Mask Tool
 F Freehand Mask Tool
 B Orbit tool
 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L Set Mask Point(s) to Linear
 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C Set Mask Point(s) to Curved
 Alt+CTRL+F Toggle Full Screen Preview
 Left Arrow Move Position Left by 1 Pixel
 Right Arrow Move Position Right by 1 Pixel
 Up Arrow Move Position Up by 1 Pixel
 Down Arrow Move Position Down by 1 Pixel
 Shift+Left Arrow Move Position Left by 10 Pixels
 Shift+Right Arrow Move Position Right by 10 Pixels
 Shift+Up Arrow Move Position Up by 10 Pixels
 Shift+Down Arrow Move Position Down by 10 Pixels


 I Set In Point
 O Set Out Point
 Home Move Playhead to Start
 End Move Playhead to End
 Shift+I Move Playhead to In Point
 Shift+O Move Playhead to Out Point
 Space Play/Pause
  Ctrl+L Toggle Loop Playback
  J Shuttle Left
  L Shuttle Right
 K Shuttle Stop
 B Insert Media on the Current Timeline
 N Overlay Media on the Current Timeline

3.Composite Shot Timeline:

 V Select Tool
 H Hand Tool
 C Slice Tool
 Shift+S Snap On/Off
 Ctrl+Alt+N Open New Layer Menu
 Ctrl+Alt+A New Plane Layer
 Ctrl+Alt+C New Camera Layer
 Ctrl+Alt+L New Light Layer
 Ctrl+Alt+G New Grade Layer
 Ctrl+Alt+T New Text Layer
 Ctrl+Alt+P New Point Layer
  Ctrl+M Make Composite Shot
 S Rate Stretch Tool

4.Editor Sequence Timeline:

 V Select Tool
 H Hand Tool
Shift+S Snap On/Off
 C Slice Tool
 Y Slip Edit Tool
 U Slide Edit Tool
 R Ripple Edit Tool
 E Roll Edit Tool
Alt+Delete Ripple Delete
 Ctrl+M Make Composite Shot
 S Rate Stretch Tool
CTRL+\ Link Video and Audio Clips
 Shift+CTRL+\ Unlink Video and Audio Clips

5.Common Timeline:

I Set In Point
O Set Out Point
P Set In and Out Points to Content
Home Move Playhead to Start of Timeline
 End Move Playhead to End of Timeline
Ctrl+J (Highlight Current time indicator) Jump to Time
Space Play/Pause
Alt+L RAM Preview
e – , Previous Frame
e – . Next Frame
Shift+, Jump Back by 10 Frames
Shift+. Jump Forward by 10 Frames
Page up Previous Edit Point
Page down Next Edit Point
Ctrl+Shift+= Increase Timeline Scale
ale – Ctrl+- Decrease Timeline Scale
 Ctrl+Home Scroll to Playhead
Alt+, Previous Keyframe
Alt+. Next Keyframe
Alt+T Add/Remove Keyframe
Ctrl+Shift+D Slice Selected Objects/Layers
Shift+I Move Playhead to In Point
Shift+O Move Playhead to Out Point
Shift+CTRL+X Remove Attributes
Shift+CTRL+V Paste Attributes
ption+CTRL+V Remove Effects
0 Remove All Color Labels From the Selection
1 Apply Color Label 1 to the Selection
2 Apply Color Label 2 to the Selection
3 Apply Color Label 3 to the Selection
4 Apply Color Label 4 to the Selection
5 Apply Color Label 5 to the Selection
6 Apply Color Label 6 to the Selection
7 Apply Color Label 7 to the Selection
8 Apply Color Label 8 to the Selection
9 Apply Color Label 9 to the Selection


Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl*+*Y Redo
Ctrl+N New Project
Ctrl+O Open Project
Ctrl+S Save Project
Ctrl+Alt+S Save As
Alt+F4 Exit
Del Delete
F2 Rename
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+D Duplicate
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+R Reset
Ctrl+Shift+N Create New Composite Shot
 Ctrl+Shift+A Create New Plane
Ctrl+O Import Media
Ctrl+1 Switch to Home Screen
Ctrl+3 Switch to Edit Screen

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