Top 50 iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts (Excel-PDF)

There are several operating systems, Windows, Linex, Android, and IOS.  IOS (iPhone Operating System) is one of the operating systems that is introduced by Apple. IOS operating system can be operated on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPod.  Apple needed to develop a separate operating system as Mac was unable to handle the mobile operations. IOS operates the whole iPhone ecosystem that including hardware and software as well.

Add Songs, Videos, and Images to your iPhone using iTunes

It’s very easy to add songs to an Android phone. But if we talk about iPhone it is a bit difficult. Due to its high-level security features. To add your favorite images and photographs you just need iTunes software it makes the whole process very easy. You can download this software from the official website of Apple.

This software is free; you don’t need to pay any license fee for this software. After downloading this software you need to install it. Double-click the software to open it. Connect the iPhone with a USB cable. As you connect the phone to the system you can see the phone icon will be visible. To add the songs to the library, go to the file option, and select the option to add files to the library. You can also add folders in the library. As you will select add file option a dialog box will open, you need to locate the file of songs or images stored in your computer system.

Select the required song or image files and click on open at the end of the dialog box. Now you can see all files in the library. Now click on the iPhone logo. A new page will open and you will see some new options on the left-hand side. As you will click on the music option you will see all the music files you have added to the library. Select the Sync Music option by clicking this option you can see the synchronization in progress.  It means that songs are transferred into the iPhone.

The same process you can do for transferring the videos into the iPhone. You just need to click on videos; the videos that are available in the library will be visible to you. You just need to click on sync and the video will start transferring to your iPhone.  The same process you need to follow with photos also to transfer it to iPhone.

As we all know, iTunes is the application that adds melody to your songs. You can download iTunes pc to enjoy music more, and to improve your experience and enjoy your music more, we have provided you with shortcut commands that can assist you. You can also download the Shortcuts in PDF or Excel files by clicking on the download icon below for your convenience.

1.Full keyboard navigation commands:

Shortcut Action
Tab Select the next control
Enter Click the currently selected control
Left Arrow or Right Arrow, or + and – on the numeric keypad Open or close the selected item’s arrow

2.Change what you see:

Shortcut Action
Control-Shift-M Switch to Mini Player
Control-Shift-F Enter or exit full-screen view
Control-I Open the song or CD Info window for the selected song or CD
Control-N or Control-P In the Info window, see the info for the next or previous song in the list
Control-W Close the iTunes window
Control-B Show or hide the Column Browser
Control-T Turn the visualiser on or off
Control-Shift-F Switch between viewing visual effects using the entire screen or in the iTunes window (when visualiser is on)
Control-J Open the View Options window for the selected source
F5 Refresh source list

3.Manage your iTunes library and media files:

Shortcut Action
Control-O Add a file to your music library
Control-R Show where a song file is located
Control-F Select the search field
F2 Edit the name of the currently selected item
Control-Z Undo your last typing change while still in edit mode
Control-X Cut the selected song’s information or artwork
Control-C Copy the selected song’s information or artwork
Control-V Paste the selected song’s information or artwork
While the video is playing, Control-click the movie, then choose Set Poster Frame Choose artwork for the selected video
Control-click the tickbox next to a song Select or deselect all the songs in a list
Control-A Select all the songs in the list
Control-Shift-A Deselect all the songs in the list

4.Create and manage playlists:

Shortcut Action
Control-N Create a new playlist
Control-Shift-N Create a playlist from a selection of songs
Control-Alt-N Create a new Smart Playlist
F5 Refresh the radio list (when Radio is selected)
F5 Refresh a Genius Playlist (when the playlist is selected)

5.Play music, video and more:

Shortcut Action
Space Bar Start or stop playing the selected song
Enter Play the currently selected song
Control-Alt-Right Arrow or Left Arrow Move forwards or backwards within a song
Shift-Right Arrow or Left Arrow Listen to the next or previous album in a list
Control-L Show the currently playing song in the list
Right Arrow When a song is playing, play the next song in a list
Left Arrow When a song is playing, play the previous song in a list
Control-Up Arrow Increase the volume
Control-Down Arrow Decrease the volume
Control-Alt-Down Arrow Mute (and unmute) the sound (song keeps playing)
Control-Shift-Right Arrow or Left Arrow Go to the next or last chapter (if available)
Control-U Stream audio file at a specific URL to iTunes

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