Top 20 WhatsApp Desktop shortcut keys (Excel-PDF)

From this article, you can increase your chatting speed from the shortcuts keys for what’s app desktop, and also become the faster replier of your groups. You can also download the Excel or PDF files from the download button below.

Whatsapp Shortcut Keys

Action Shortcut Keys 
Change focus Tab
Focus emoji button Shift + Tab
Search Ctrl + F
Starts a New chat Ctrl + N
Starts a new Group Ctrl + Shift + N
Go to previous chat Ctrl + Shift + [
Go to next chat Ctrl + Shift + ]
ArchivE chat Ctrl + E
Mute chat Ctrl + Shift + M
Change Read status Ctrl + Shift + U
Delete chat Ctrl + Del
Open Profile Ctrl + P
Delete a chat Ctrl + Backspace
Increase font size Ctrl + =
Decrease font size Ctrl + –
Default font size Ctrl + 0
Exit the application Alt+F4
Use * to bold the Text *Text*
Use _ to italicize the Text _Text_
Use ~ to strikethrough the Text ~Text~
Use “` to format Text into monospaced font “`Text“`
Show emojis related to Text :Text

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