Top 25 Blogger Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

A blog is a kind of webpage that disseminate information or knowledge. Every day millions of internet users search on Google and other search engines for their problems. Search engines collect the information from blogs and show the links to results. A blog is an informal communication between a blogger and the reader. Under which the blogger suggests the solutions to the reader’s problem.

There are various platforms available for blogging. Blogging gives monetary benefits to bloggers. The most preferred platform for blogging is It is a free blog publishing platform you can publish text, images, videos, etc. is a content management system. It manages the content yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, categorically, and with labels. The blog that is prepared on Blogger is from it is a sub-domain. It is hosted by the Google server. With the Google account, you can access the Blogger Dashboard.

With users also get the country-specific domain name. Indian bloggers can select either or

Features of Blogger

CMS (Content Management System)

Blogger is an easy and useful content management system. Bloggers can share their content with the world. And further can manage content to view, edit, publish, and delete it.

Free Service

Blogger gives all services free of cost.

Free Domain Name

With the help of bloggers, users can register their usernames. But this domain will be the sub-domain of

No Hosting Charges

A blogger doesn’t need to pay the hosting charges. So you can host your blog for free.

Custom Domain Name

Most professional bloggers like the feature of Blogger so that they can create a professional name for the blog. With this feature, you can create an attractive name for the blog.

Custom Design

Bloggers provide several designs and layouts that help the blogger select a design for their blog. Even a blogger can customize the selected design. Furthermore, a blogger can buy a premium design for their blog.

Fast Speed

Blogger is a product from Google and this product meets the surfing speed as per the industry standards.

Secure Platform

Like the other products of Google, it provides several options of security for Bloggers. You can select the options as per your requirement.

Easy to Use

Blogger has been developed in such a way that a beginner can also easily learn to use it.

Easy to Manage

Making and managing blogs on a blogger is as easy as managing a social media profile on Facebook or Instagram.

Local Language

If you are not good at English communication, that’s not a matter with the blogger. It provides the facility to write and manage content in more than 50 languages.

In the given article we have provided you with some easy and helpful keyboard shortcuts keys for bloggers which can help you perform difficult tasks in a short period, you can even download the shortcuts keys in PDF or excel files by clicking on the download icon below, for further reference.

Blogger Shortcut Keys

Function & How to Apply Shortcuts
It will copy the selected text. First select the text and then apply the shortcut. Ctrl + C
It will paste the coped text. Ctrl + V
It will undo the deleted or erased text. Ctrl + Z
It will redo the undo text. Ctrl + Y
It will redo the undo text. Ctrl + X
It will bold the selected text. Select the text and then apply this shortcut. Crl + B
It will select the complete page. Crl + A
It will auto-save your post and you can keep on editing at the same time. Crl + S
It will underline the selected text. First select the specific text and then use this shortcut. Crl + U
It will italicize the selected text. First select the text and then use this shortcut. Crl + I
It will insert hyperlink to selected text. First select the text and then insert the link into it. Crl + K
It will change the bullets into sub-bullets. Tab
It will add levels between bullets and levels, (Use to remove the bullets or numbers). First select the text and then use this shortcut. Tab + Shift
It will give you a search which you can use to find any phrase oe sentence in your post. Ctrl + F
It will convert your Blogger Post Editor to Mobile View. Ctrl + Shift + M
It will zoom in the blogger post editor. Ctrl ++ (Press + Twice)
It will zoom out the blogger post editor. Ctrl — (Press – Twice)
It will change the screen to default size. Ctrl + 0
It will paste the copied item without formatting. Ctrl+Shift+V
Blockquote (when in HTML-mode only) Ctrl+ l
Undo Ctrl+ z
Redo Ctrl+ y
Link Ctrl+ shft + a
Preview Ctrl+ shft + p
Save as Draft Ctrl+ d
Publish Post Ctrl+ p
Autosave and keep editing Ctrl+ s
Hindi transliteration Ctrl+ g

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