Top 100 FL studio Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

FL Studio is DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. It is popular software that is used by most users.  In this software, you can create a song and even you can remix the song. You can get numerous options with which you can create a new song. But before creating any song you must know music as well only then you can create a piece of good music.  Moreover, you can learn to operate this software very easily. But if you don’t know the music you can not make good music.

To install FL studio first you need to check your computer system. Your system must fulfill the minimum requirements for the software. After that only you can install this software.

System requirements for FL Studio

Particular Requirements
Operating System Windows or MAC
RAM 1GB or more recommended
Free Space 1 GB Disk space
Other Sound Card with Direct Sound Driver

Features of FL Studio

Basic Options

As like every other software there are a few basic options in FL Studio as well.  You can use a few options while you are mixing various types of sounds. By adding an option you can add effect plugins and you can add them directly as well.

Play Control Panel

By playing the control panel you can play pause or stop the song. But there are some special options like you can edit BPM. While making a pattern or can edit the setting of patterns.

Tab Controller Option

In the tab controller options, there are several sub-option-


The audio clips you add to the playlist are visible in this option. After adding various sample files to the playlist you can create music. You can add 500 tracks to the playlist.

Channel Rack

With this option, you can add sample files and plugins. If you want to create the melody you will require using plugins.

Piano Roll

In this option, you will get all the piano keys that are visible on the real piano as well. You can connect your Piano and create the music. If you don’t have a piano still you can use the keys in the Piano Roll and play the music.


With this option, you can locate the music files on your PC. In this option, some sample files can be seen and some demo projects also.


With the mixer option, you can mix the different types of sounds. You can edit or modify the sound. Effects can be added to the music.

FL studio adds melody to your song that helps you to connect with the song. To learn FL studio more easily we have provided you with some shortcuts keys in the article and for your future reference, you can also download Excel or PDF files from the download icon below.

FL Studio Shortcut Keys Lists

1.Piano roll action Shortcuts :-

Shortcut Keys Action
B Paint tool
C Slice tool
D Delete tool
E Select tool
M Keyboard view mode
O Portamento
P Pencil tool
T Mute tool
Y Playback tool
Z Zoom tool
Alt Bypass snap
Alt + A Arpeggiator
Alt + B View note helpers
Alt + E Riff machine
Alt + F Flam
Alt + G Ungroup selected notes
Alt + K Open limit tool
Alt + L Open Articulate tool
Alt + N Switch waveform helper view
Alt + Q Quantize
Alt + R Open Randomize tool
Alt + S Open Strum tool
Alt + G Glue
Alt + U Open chop tool
Alt + V Toggle ghost channels on or off
Alt + W Open claw machine tool
Alt + X Open scale levels tool
Alt + Y Open score flipper tool
Ctrl + C Copy selection
Ctrl + D Deselect selection
Ctrl + I Insert current controller value
Ctrl + L Quick legato
Ctrl + M Import MIDI file
Ctrl + Q Quick quantize
Ctrl + U Quick chop
Ctrl + V Paste selection
Ctrl + X Cut selection
Ctrl + Alt + G Grid color
Shift + Enter Flip separator
Ctrl + Alt + Home Toggle allow resizing from left
Ctrl + Delete Delete space equal to selection
Ctrl + Enter Select time around selection

2.Channel window Shortcuts :-

Shortcut Keys Action
0..9 Mute & Unmute
Ctrl + 0..9 Solo and Unsolo first 10 channels
Select previous channels
Next channel
Alt + G Group selected channels
Alt + Z Zip selected channels
Alt + U Unzip selected channels
Shift + ↑ Move selcted channels up
Shift + ↓ Move selcted channels down
Page Up Next channel group
Page Down Previous channel group
Ctrl + C Copy channel steps
Ctrl + V Paste channel steps
Ctrl + X Cut channel steps
Alt + Delete Delete selected channels
Ctrl + Shift + C Clone channels
Alt + R Randomize
Alt + P Send to piano roll
K Show keyboard editor
G Graph editor
Ctrl + Alt + R Restretch all

3.Window Shortcuts :-

Shortcut Keys Action
Tab Cycle nested windows
Ctrl + F8 Open plugin picker
Ctrl + Alt + F8 Open project picker
Shift + F8 Plugin database
Esc Close a window
F1 Help
F5 Playlist
F6 Step sequencer
F7 Piano roll
F8 Show or Hide sample browser
F9 Show or Hide Mixer
F10 Show or Hide MIDI settings
F11 Show or Hide song info window
F12 Close all windows
Ctrl + F12 Close all unfocused windows
Shift + F12 Align all channel editors

4.Record and Playback Shortcuts :-

Shortcut Keys Action
Backspace Toggle line
Space Start and Stop playback
Ctrl + Space Start and Pause
L Song mode
R On and off of recording
Zero Fast forward
Ctrl + / Jump 4 bars back
Ctrl + * Jump 4 bars forward
Ctrl + E Toggle edit mode
Ctrl + H Stop sound
Ctrl + T Toggle typing to piano keypad
Ctrl + B Toggle blend notes
Ctrl + M Toggle metronome

5.Pattern selector Shortcuts :-

Shortcut Keys Action
+ Next pattern
Previous pattern
F4 Next empty pattern

6.File Shortcuts :-

Shortcut Keys Action
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + Shift + S Save as
Ctrl + N Save new version
Ctrl + R Export as wave file
Ctrl + Shift + R Export as Mp3 file
Ctrl + Shift + M Export as MIDI file
Alt + 0 Open recent files
Ctrl + F Smart find

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