Top 60 Netscape Browser Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

This post will teach us some Netscape shortcut keys that are similar to Firefox in terms of capabilities and functionality, all in a clear light turquoise colour scheme. Tabbed browsing, RSS feeds, sidebars, and bookmark organisation are all common uses. On the top right, you may customise your search engines and add other Mozilla extensions. You may also save PDF or Excel files to your computer by clicking the download option below.

Netscape Keyboard Shortcuts


Tab/Shft+Tab Move to Next/Previous Item in Form
Enter Submit Form
Space. Use Up, Down arrows to select. Press Selected Button / Select Radio Button
Up Arrow, Down Arrow, or First Letter of Item Name Select an Item from a List
Space Check/Uncheck Checkbox (toggle)
Alt+Down Arrow Open a Drop-Down Menu

2.My Sidebar:

F9 Open/Close My Sidebar (toggle)
F6 Move between the Page and the Location Bar
Shft+F6 Move to My Sidebar (if it is open)
Ctrl+H Open My Sidebar History Tab
Ctrl+B Open My Sidebar Bookmarks Tab

3.Tabbed Browsing:

Ctrl+T New Netscape Browser Tab
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Page Down Switch to Next Tab (when using Tabbed Browsing with more than one tab)
Ctrl+Shft+Tab or Ctrl+Page Up Switch to Previous Tab (when using Tabbed Browsing with more than one tab)
Ctrl+W Close Tab (Close window if one page is open)

4.Page Viewing:

F11 Full Screen (toggle)
Ctrl+- (minus sign) Zoom Text Smaller
Ctrl+= (plus sign) Zoom Text Larger
Ctrl+0 No zoom (100%)
Ctrl+U View Page Source

5.Page Navigation:

Ctrl+H Open History Sidebar
Ctrl+R Reload
Ctrl+Shft+R Force Reload (not from cache)
Alt+Left Arrow or Backspace Back
Alt+Right Arrow Forward
Esc Stop (stop loading your page)
Alt+Home Home (load your home page)
End Go to Bottom of Page
Home Go to Top of Page
Ctrl+L or Alt+D Select All Text in Location Bar
Enter Open Selected Link in a Web Page
Ctrl+Enter Open Selected Link in a New Tab or Window (depending on how your Tabbed Browsing preferences are set)
Ctrl+N New Netscape Browser Tab
Tab/Shft+Tab Move to Next/Previous Link or Form Element in a Web Page
Ctrl+O Open File
Ctrl+W Close Tab
Ctrl+S Save Page As
Shft+Enter Open Link in a new Window (when a link is selected)
Ctrl+P Print Page
Page Up/ Shft+Space Go Up One Page
Page Down/Space Go Down One Page
Up Arrow Go Up One Line
Down Arrow Go Down One Line
F7 Turn on/off Caret Mode


Ctrl+B Open Bookmarks Sidebar
Ctrl+D Add Page to Bookmarks

7.General Shortcuts:

Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+W Close Tab
Page Up Go Up One Page
Page Down Go Down One Page
Up Arrow Go Up One Line
Down Arrow Go Down One Line
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Shft+Z Redo
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+G Find Again
Shft+F10 Open Context Menu
Alt or F10 Select Main Menu (switches to the first drop-down menu at the top of the window. example: File in Windows)
Ctrl+T Open a New Netscape Browser tab
Ctrl+A Select All
F1 Open Help

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