Top 50 3D Movie Maker shortcut keys (Excel-PDF)

As we know 3D Movie Maker is a children’s computer program developed by Microsoft, from this program you can make films by placing 3D characters and props into the pre-rendered environment. In this article, we have provided some shortcuts keys to perform work easily and in a short time. Now, you can also download the excel and PDF by clicking on the download icon for future reference

3D Movie Maker shortcut keys

1.Other Shortcut Keys:-

Copy Ctrl+C
Open an existing project Ctrl+O
Cut Ctrl+X
Save a project Ctrl+S
Create a new project Ctrl+N
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete Delete
Undo the last action Ctrl+Z
Redo the last action Ctrl+Y

2.Shortcut Keys for Import :-

Import an existing digital media file Ctrl+I
Import video from a digital video camera Ctrl+R

3.Shortcut Keys for Edit:-

Select clip trim handle Alt+Shift+Up arrow/ Down arrow
Trim clip edge left Alt+Shift+Left arrow
Trim clip edge right Alt+Shift+Right arrow
Split a clip M
Clear trim points U
Set start trim point I
Set end trim point O

4.Shortcut Keys For Navigation:-

Go to the last item End
Go to the first item Home

5.Shortcut Keys On timeline :-

Save a project with a new name F12
Publish a movie Ctrl+P
Select all clips Ctrl+A
Rename a collection or clip F2
Clear the timeline Ctrl+Delete
Switch between the storyboard and the timeline Ctrl+T
Zoom in on the timeline Page down
Zoom out on the timeline Page Up
Zoom the timeline to fit on the screen F9
Expand the Video track when it is selected in the timeline +
Collapse the Video track when it is selected in the timeline
Add selected clips to the storyboard/timeline Ctrl+D
Play video in full screen Alt+Enter
Combine contiguous clips N
Nudges clip to the left Ctrl+Shift+B
Nudges clip to the right Ctrl+Shift+N
Play or pause clip K
Stop playback on the storyboard/timeline Ctrl+K
Play content on the storyboard/timeline Ctrl+W
Rewind and go to the beginning of the storyboard/timeline Ctrl+Q
Back Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow
Forward Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow
Previous frame J
Next frame L
Display help topics F1
Select previous item (on a timeline track, on the storyboard, or in the Contents pane) Left arrow
Select next item Right arrow
Select item above (on a timeline track or in the Contents pane) Up arrow
Select item below Down Arrow

6.General Shortcut keys :-

Set start trim point CTRL+SHFT+LEFT ARROW
Set end trim point CTRL+SHFT+RIGHT ARROW
Clear trim points CTRL+SHFT+DELETE
Split clip CTRL+SHFT+S
Combine clips CTRL+SHFT+C
First clip HOME
Last clip END
Stop playback PERIOD
Previous frame ALT+LEFT ARROW
Full screen ALT+ENTER
Return from full screen ESC
Help topics F1
Next pane F6 or TAB
Previous pane SHFT+F6 or SHFT+TAB

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