Top 100 Blender Shortcut Keys (Excel-PDF)

Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software that can be used by animators, modellers, VFX artists, and game developers. You can also use keyboard shortcut keys to improve your productivity. Below are the most helpful keyboard shortcut keys to learn and apply to your workflow. You can download these shortcut keys in Excel and PDF format by clicking the download button.

Blender Shortcut Keys

1.Blender shortcut keys – 3D viewport :-

 Edit mode toggle Tab
 Mode switching pie menu (toggles pose mode for armatures) Ctrl+Tab
3 Edit  Edit Mesh vertex/edge/face toggle (Shift extends, Ctrl expands) 1
 3D view navigation pie menu AccentGrave (`)
 toggle gizmos Ctrl+AccentGrave (`)
 Walk/Fly mode Shift+AccentGrave (`)

2.Blender shortcuts – Common Editor Keys :-

 Select all A
 Select none Alt+A
 Invert selection Ctrl+I
 Hide selection H
 Reveal Hidden Items Alt+H
 Toggle Sidebar T
 Toggle Sidebar N

3.Blender for beginners – Global Keys and shortcuts :-

 Open File Ctrl+O
 Save File Ctrl+S
 New File Ctrl+N
 Undo Ctrl+Z
 Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z
 Quit Ctrl+Q
 Help (context Sensitive) F1
 Rename Active Item F2
 Operator Search F3
 File Context Menu F4
F8 F5
 Adjust the Last operation F9
 Show render window F11
 Render the current frame F12
 Quick Access (Favourites) Q
 Toggle Maximie Area Ctrl+Spacebar
 Toggle Fullscreen Area Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar
 Next/Previous Workspace Ctrl+PageUp/Ctrl+PageDown
 User configurable Spacebar
 Playback Animations (reverse) Shift+Ctrl+Spacebar

4.Blender shortcut keys for Confirm or Cancel :-

 Cancels ESC or RMB (Right Mouse Button)
 Confirms Enter or LMB (Left Mouse Button)

5.Blender for beginners – Text Editing shortcuts:-

 Go to the beginning of the text Home
 Go to the ending of the text End
 Move the cursor left or right one character at a time. Left, Right
 Move the cursor left or right through an entire word Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right
  Delete the characters Backspace, Delete
 Deletes whole words Ctrl+Backspace, Ctrl+Delete
 Makes a selection while moving the cursor and holding the key. Shift
 Selects the entire text Ctrl+A
 Copies the selected text Ctrl+C
 Cuts the selected text Ctrl+X
 Pastes the text at the position of the cursor Ctrl+V

6.Blender shortcuts for Dragging :-

 while dragging to snap discrete and accurate steps Ctrl
 Gives precision control to the values Shift
 Precise snap, this command will move the object with high precision along with the snapping constraint. Shift+Ctrl

7.Blender for beginners – Python Scripting:-

 Over any Operator Button, the shortcut copies the Python command into the clipboard (The program shortcut can be used in the Python console or the Text Editor while writing scripts) Ctrl+C
 Over any property button, the hotkey is used to copy the data path for the property. The feature is also available from the context menu. Shift+Ctrl+C
 Over the property buttons, the command copies the full data path for the data,block and property. Note: it is best to access values based on the context rather than by name, in most cases. Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C

8.Blender shortcuts for Properties:-

 Copy the (single) value of the button Ctrl+C
 Paste the (single) value of the button Ctrl+V
 Copy the entire vector or the colour field Ctrl+Alt+C
 Paste vector as the whole or the whole colour field Ctrl+Alt+V
 Open the context menu RMB (Right Mouse Button)
 Clear the value (clears a text field or sets the value to 0) Backspace
 Negate the number values (multiply by Minus
 Change the value in incremental steps, this option cycles the values for popup option Ctrl+Wheel (Mouse Scrolling Wheel)
 Activates the menus or toggles the values Return/Enter
 When held while editing values, it applies the changes to all the selected items, including objects, bones and sequence strips.It can be used for number fields and toggles. Alt

9.Blender shortcut keys for Animation:-

 insert a keyframe I
 Clear the keyframe Alt+I
 Clear all keyframes (removing all F Shift+Alt+I
 Assign a driver Ctrl+D
 Clear the driver Ctrl+Alt+D
 Add a Keying Set K
 Clear the Keying Set Alt+K

Blender for beginners – Industry Compatible


1.Blender shortcut keys – Animation :-

 Play/Pause Spacebar
 Set Location + Rotation + Scale Keyframe S
 Insert Keyframe Menu Shift+S
 Set Location Key Shift+W
 Set Rotation Key Shift+E
 Set Scale Key Shift+R

2.Blender shortcuts – Edit Mode Tools :-

 Extrude Ctrl+E
 Bevel Ctrl+B
 Inset I
 Knife K
 Loop Cut Alt+C

3.Blender commands – Tools :

 Transform Tools W, E, R
 Box Select Q
 Annotate D
 Cursor Tool C

4.Blender shortcuts – Selection :-

 Select LMB (Left Mouse Button)
 Select All Ctrl+A
 Deselect All Shift+Ctrl+A
 Select Inverse Ctrl+I
 Select more Up
 Select less Down
 Select Loop Double LMB (Left Mouse Button)
 Select Ring Alt+Double LMB (Left Mouse Button)
 Select linked ]

5.Blender commands – General :-

 Mode/Element Switching 1 to 9
 Context Menu RMB (Right Mouse Button)
 Operator search Tab
 Quick Access (Favourites) Shift+Tab
 Duplicate Ctrl+D
 Set Parent P
 Rename Return
 Render Ctrl+Return
 Proportional Editing/Soft Selection B
 toggle toolbar Ctrl+[
 toggle sidebar Ctrl+]

6.Blender shortcut keys – Viewport :-

 Orbit View Alt+LMB (Left Mouse Button)
 Pan View Alt+MMB (Middle Mouse Button)
 Zoom View Alt+RMB (Right Mouse Button)
 Front/Side/Top camera viewpoints F1 to F4
 Frame Selected F
 Frame All A

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